Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May 15th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Get Starting a Business With Venture Capital for iOS for Free in Today’s App Deals http://lifehac.kr/K3F95a LifeHacker
Worth a look at that price

Make Your Resume and Other Word Documents More Presentable by Making Them Read-Only http://lifehac.kr/JDvOTr LifeHacker
Now why did I not think of this

How to Get Reduced Prices and Save Money When Shopping on Amazon http://lifehac.kr/L8ktOm LifeHacker
Love Amazon

For the Most Flavorful Steaks, Check for Marbling (and Other Steak Grilling Tips) http://lifehac.kr/K2gvRO LifeHacker
muum steaks

Cut Cherry Tomatoes in Half the Time by Slicing Through Two Lids 
http://lifehac.kr/KrbhDE LifeHacker
So simple, very cool

10 Best Time Travel Movies of All Timelines 
http://on.io9.com/K3V2bO iO9
Good List

The curious case of the vulgar C-3PO trading card 
http://on.io9.com/KkEiNA iO9
Oh My C-3PO 

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