Monday, 24 February 2014

Top 10 Tricks to Survive Getting Sick LifeHacker
Some good ideas and tips

This would have been cool to have when I was young 

Cool Bedding

Simple Guidelines for Protecting Your Gmail Account LifeHacker 
Some great tips to protect your email account 

Witness the Birth of a Snowflake 
Very cool 

Barrie fire officials want kids to 'push the button' starting Monday during campaign Barrie Examiner 
A great reminder to check your smoke alarms 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

February 11th 2014 Stuff that caught My eye

Looking in to Sync.Com It's like Dropbox, but encrypted, Canadian, and zero-knowledge. Sync.Com
Looks interesting, seems to be very simple to set up. 

Using your own iPhone at work? Watch that it doesn’t get wiped when you leave … 9to5 Mac

Not Good At All

New Blog Post: Lists for the Cottage? Do you needed them? You might, I know I do. Terry On Cottage Tech

February 11th 2014 Hollywood star Shirley Temple dies BBC 
RIP Shirley, you will be missed 

Breakfast at the Cottage, time for gadgets! Terry On Cottage Tech
Some rambling thoughts on gadgets for making breakfast. And some gift giving advice