Saturday, 31 December 2011

December 31 2011 Day Stuff

How would you convince the 20th generation of space colonists to leave Earth? IO9

Remove Clothing Wrinkles with a Water Spray Bottle LifeHacker
I love this hack, great when traveling 

Top 10 Easy-to-Keep Resolutions for This New Year LifeHacker
There are some good choices there

Welcoming 2012 around the world Toronto Sun
Some very pretty shots...

Mickey Mouse and Pluto get the Frank Frazetta treatment IO9
Want a wall mural of this....

Copernicus Jones is a hardboiled android detective battling the robot mob IO9 
This is a good read

DIY Exact Change Card LifeHacker
Very neat idea

Tweet Speaker Reads Your Tweets to You LifeHacker 

December 31 2011 Morning Stuff

New Airmiles expiry date irks customers in Canada Toronto Sun
If you are saving up for a big trip it could be a problem

TV Saturday: Bye Bye and other New Year's Eve specials abound Montreal Gazette

Everything you need to know about partying in Montreal on New Year’s Eve Montreal Gazette

Happy New Year: Canadians set to digitally bring in 2012 Montreal Gazette

Where do you end up in the digital era?

Telecom firms under pressure to keep up with smartphone obsession Globe and Mail
I want faster connectivity on my iPad

Kindergarten in a retirement home proves a hit with young and old Globe and Mail
A great idea for both the young and old

12 hors d'oeuvre for your 2012 countdown party Globe and Mail
Making me hungry

A dozen drinks to welcome 2012 Globe and Mail
If you are looking for new drink

Today's free download is music from LMFAO Montreal Gazette
iTunes Canada

Friday, 30 December 2011

December 30 2011 Evening Stuff

10 Weirdest Scientific Theories Proposed in Science Fiction IO9
Yep weird

Titanic artifacts going up for auction in N.Y. in April Montreal Gazette
Of 2 minds on this, 1 it seems to be a legal sale. 2 It bothers me on a deep level for some reason...

These Words Are Now Banned from the English Language Gawker
Oh no not Man Cave

December 30 2011 Day Stuff

On the 5th day of Christmas, iTunes and The Gazette gave to you...
Four TV drama series premieres Montreal Gazette

Spate of road deaths spurs warning from CAA Montreal Gazette
Drive safe please....

CMHC issues warning on high household debt Montreal Gazette

This Is the Best of Lifehacker 2011 LifeHacker

Dream job alert: Stephen Hawking is hiring an assistant IO9

What on Earth are these mysterious, 570 million year old fossils? IO9
Huumm pretty sure the answer is NOT aliens

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2011 IO9

December 30 2011 Morning Stuff

Top 5 warm weather travel accessories Toronto Sun
Want the hat

Doomsday? This could be it for us, fellow humans Toronto Sun
Sounds like Y2K scare mongering to me. The Sharpies are looking for a way to turn a quick buck feeding on the fear of some. 

Political gaffes of 2011 Toronto Sun

One wild year for our gadgets Toronto Sun
What do you want to see in 2012?
What did you love in 2011?

PHOTOS: Celebrity Deaths of 2011 Toronto Sun
I will miss a number of the celebrities shown.

Most Popular Firefox Extensions and Posts of 2011 LifeHacker

How to Survive the Perils of New Year’s Eve LifeHacker

The Journey of Checked Baggage Swiss-Miss

Thursday, 29 December 2011

December 29 2011 Night Stuff

10 Images That Changed the Course of Science (And One That Is About To) IO9 

How Do I Give Better Massages? LifeHacker

Meet the Ball Cutter fish, the piranha-cousin nicknamed for exactly what you think IO9
Ok not going to swim there.

The Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar would put us all in one big, happy timezone IO9

Wacky crime stories of 2011 Toronto Sun

Christmas in the county in 1815 Midland Freepress
Going to have to get the book 

December 29 2011 Day Stuff

The burger that refused to die Montreal Gazette
Ok that is worrying

EchoSign Brings Legally-Binding Electronic Signing on Your iPhone or iPad LifeHacker

RefDot Automatically Pulls Citations from Amazon Books LifeHacker
Where was this when I was a student, Oh no internet back then

Winter Wake-Up Automatically Wakes You Up Earlier If it Snows LifeHacker 
I downloaded it, great Idea 

How to Contact and Properly Communicate with Your Government Representatives LifeHacker
Focused on US Government but still some good information if you are not in the USA

Emergency kit could be a life-saver Midland Freepress
Great Idea do you have one? 

Six O'Clock Solution: Tuna-Pimiento Burgers Montreal Gazette
Sounds yummy 

December 29 2011 Morning Stuff

10 Mac Security Tips PC Mag

Hackers could shut down train lines Montreal Gazette
Not Good, did they not think of security on these systems?

Top 10 destinations for New Year's Eve Toronto Sun
Road Trip

Montreal is pleasant to view, and listen to Montreal Gazette
Interesting way to "view" a city

Today's free download is an HD rental of The Art of Flight. Montreal Gazette
Snow Boarding Movie

Most Popular Chrome Extensions and Posts of 2011 LifeHacker

Apps For Kids 002 Robot Wants Kitty boingboing
Look like an interesting podcast if you have/work with kids & have an iOS device

Disruptions: Norelco on Takeoff? Fine. Kindle? No. New York Times Story 
They only seem to be looking at and measuring 1 thing. Volts per meter is a thing to worry about yes, but the devices all put out different frequencies of RF, which can add together in unexpected ways. It's not a case of 1 Kindle is a problem or 100 Kindles being a problem. It could be 10 Kindles, 15 iPads, 5 Nooks, 3 Kobo Vox's, 10 iPhones, 15 different kinds of Android Phone, and 10 different makes of Lap Top all on the same plane and all on, could add together and cause a warning light to turn on or not turn on. The office example is  a little off, there is more room between devices (you do not set as close together in a office as a plane), you are not encased in a metal enclosure like a plane. But we all know of someones Computer locking up/crashing/BSOD/Spinning Beach balling, most likely it's User Error, Bug in the OS, Bug in the program, but maybe it was some one using an RF scanner in his office that interacted with someones laptop? Do not forget that many of these devices also have WiFi and may have 3 or 4 G wireless connections that just add to the possibilities of some interference.  Do I think the interference will cause a plane to fall out of the sky, no. It most likely would cause some small thing to not work correctly, and would not cause a problem for 9999 out of 10000 flights. I like living, I can go hours with out turning on my electronics, What is the problem with turning your stuff off for once you are on the runway and say 10 to 15 minutes there after?
Why turn every thing off? it saves the crew from having to look at each device. If it is not a Life Support item (pacemaker, hearing aide....) Turn it off, is you game of Words With Friends worth your life? It sure as hell is not worth mine. 


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

December 28 2011 Night Stuff

Canadians ring in new year with tax hike Toronto Sun

Whale sperm, orgasmic feet top bad science list Toronto Sun

Parks Canada looking for ways to cash in CBC

Fast food may damage brain: study Montreal Gazette
Say it an't so.....

Topless waitresses ordered to cover up CTV

How to Clear Out All Your Unwanted Mail from Your Physical and Digital Inboxes LifeHacker
It is the time to start 

December 28 2011 Day Stuff

CameraTrace Finds Your Stolen Camera by Monitoring Photos Shared Online LifeHacker
Hope you never need this

Compare Your Dental Payment History and Your Insurance Claim to Ensure You’re Not Getting Double-Charged LifeHacker

How You Can Teach Friends to Budget LifeHacker

Outsource Your New Year’s Resolutions to Make Them Stick LifeHacker

DIY Honey Sticks Add a Little Sweetness to Any Holiday Drink LifeHacker

Coffee prices may surge next year Toronto Sun
Oh No!!!

10 Happy Accidents from the Annals of Drug Discovery IO9

Behold, Calvin and Hobbes All Grown Up — and Fighting an Evil Winnie The Pooh LifeHacker
I want a movie about this, and I want it now

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

December 28 2011 Morning Stuff

Newspaper to pay damages after readers burned attempting recipe Globe and Mail
Ouch, check that recipe before you print it

Most Popular Android Apps and Posts LifeHacker

RIP Tech: 10 products and services that died in 2011 Macworld

How to Dig Yourself Out from Your Leftover Holiday Clutter LifeHacker
This will keep me busy for a day or two

The enduring mystery of snowflakes Montreal Gazette

Today's free download is a music from Kelly Clarkson, featuring the song and music video for "Mr. Know It All." Montreal Gazette

Two millipede species have set up a 150 mile long insect demilitarized zone IO9
Fascinating and scary

December 27 2011 Evening Stuff

See How Many People Replied to Your Emails This Year LifeHacker
If you want to know

How to Turn Your Unwanted Gifts into Cash (or Something Better) LifeHacker

Trade Stuff You Don’t Want for Things You Do at LifeHacker

Make Small Changes Now to Boost the Chances of Success with Your New Year’s Resolutions LifeHacker

Wrap Christmas Lights Around a Coffee Can to Keep Them Organized and Untangled for Next Year LifeHacker

When Sailors Used Gunpowder to Measure the Strength of Alcohol IO9

Revolutionary laser technologies that could become tractor beams IO9 

Ten plotlines you’ll find in science fiction – over and over again IO9

How Can I Touch Up My Photos Without Making Them Look Photoshopped? LifeHacker

GSM phones vulnerable to scams: Expert Toronto Sun
If true very scary

December 27 2011 Morning Stuff

A Titanic anniversary launched in the new year Toronto Sun
Of 2 minds on this. It would be a great trip. Some one is making a whack of money on this... 

Ready for a green new year? Toronto Sun
Would not take much for the snow in Montreal to melt.

What weather will 2012 bring? Toronto Sun
I am guessing it will be a interesting year weather wise

Lifehacker Most Popular iPhone Apps and Posts LifeHacker

MobileHuman Audio Converter is Easy Enough for Your Non-Tech Friends to Use LifeHacker

Keep Throw Rugs from Slipping with Canning Jar Seals LifeHacker
Humm this could fix a rug issue for me... 

Just got an Android phone. What apps do you recommend? LifeHacker
Some great Apps listed in the comments

Today's iTunes free download is five  TV series premieres, including Rookie Blue, Hell On Wheels & more. Montreal Gazette
iTunes Canada

Got a new iPad? Try these 9 starter apps Globe and Mail

New iPad? Have fun with 12 addicting games Globe and Mail
Games for all

Monday, 26 December 2011

December 26 2011 Evening Stuff

Repurpose Zip Ties into Bicycle Snow "Chains" LifeHacker
An interesting concept

Delete All Your Tweets with TwitWipe LifeHacker
But remember there are copies of you tweets somewhere

Make a No-Sew Pet Bed

Chained to a desk all day? Here’s how to ease the tension Globe and Mail

E-books lead a holiday season surge in sales of digital goods Globe and Mail

If Ashton leaves, what will keep us on Twitter? Globe and Mail
If Ashton was keeping you on Twitter please leave... If a celebrity is the only reason you do/buy something, maybe you should be doing/buying something different.

'The Tesla on two wheels'
A made-in-Quebec electric motorcycle is now a reality Montreal Gazette

Holiday ruined by passport glitch Toronto Sun
Ouch, that has to be a pain in the butt

Stonehenge app offers virtual solstice tour Toronto Sun

December 26 2011 Day Stuff

Five Best Blu-Ray Playback Suites LifeHacker

Credit woes hitting home Toronto Sun

No one gets out alive Toronto Sun
Not sure how any of us made it past 40....

December 26 Morning Stuff

Top fit tips of 2011 Toronto Sun
Start you New Years Resolution today

BBM may need a name change Toronto Sun
More bad news for RIM

Today's free download is Coldplay's iTunes Festival: London 2011 EP Montreal Gazette
From the Canadian iTunes store

Setting a value on tweets goes to court  Montreal Gazette
Ouch, makes you think twice about being the company Twiter person

History of word processing is messy and – missing Montreal Gazette

Christmas games were once a tradition for Habs Montreal Gazette

Sunday, 25 December 2011

December 25 2011 Evening Stuff

In 1918, you could buy radioactive golf balls for $1 a pop IO9
Be glad you did not get these for Christmas

Christmas around the world Toronto Sun
Some great shots

So You Got a Fancy New Camera: Here’s How to Use It  Gizmodo

 I wish you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year A pocket full of money And a cellar full of beer! "— An Irish toast

December 25 2011 Day Stuff

Set Up and Get to Know Your New Tech Gifts LifeHacker
A little help with the new goodies

The true land of Christmas 
Nutcrackers and other surprises in Germany's Ore Mountains Toronto Sun
Looks like a great place

Set Up and Get to Know Your New Windows PC LifeHacker

Set Up and Get to Know Your New iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch LifeHacker

Set Up and Get to Know Your New Android Phone LifeHacker

Set Up and Get to Know Your New Mac LifeHacker

December 25 2011 Morning Stuff

Good Morning and a Merry Christmas to All

Top 15 Google Doodles of 2011 Montreal Gazette

Christmas countdown: Today's the day Toronto Sun
Did you get the quiz right?

Twas the night before Christmas breakfast Montreal Gazette

iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas 12 Free Down Loads Montreal Gazette
Usually there is something for everyone

Act as if You’re Being Filmed at Work LifeHacker
Good Advise

Repurpose a Citrus Peel into a Seed Starter Pot LifeHacker
Great Idea and maybe a holiday project with the little ones

Gube Curates Kid-Safe YouTube Videos for iOS LifeHacker
If you have little ones you should look at this app or an app like it

Saturday, 24 December 2011

December 24 2011 Evening Stuff

Cannabis Christmas tree lands man in jail Toronto Sun
Too many jokes come to mind to pick just one

Christmas 'offensive'? How absurd! Toronto Sun
If Christmas is offensive then all the other holidays at this time of year are too. Celebrate your year end holiday of choice, and allow other to celebrate theirs. Do not get upset if someone wishes you a Happy (not your holiday), thank them. I run with the idea that they think enough of you to include you in their celebration, their happiness and their joy.   

George Takei’s Greatest and Weirdest Moments IO9
Loved Space Cases

December 24 2011 Day Suff

What's open and closed in Montreal area during Christmas holidays Montreal Gazette 

Top 10 Under-Hyped Web Apps, 2011 Edition  LifeHacker

Hang Wrapping Paper Rolls in a Closet Ceiling LifeHacker
Great Idea 

How to Scientifically Explain Santa Claus to Your Children Gizmodo
Keep the spirt alive

What To Do With Your Unwanted Christmas Crap Gizmodo

Volkswagen Is Forcing Employees to Turn Off Their BlackBerrys So They’ll Stop Working All the Time Gizmodo

Back To The Future DeLorean USB Flash Drive Doesn’t Need a Flux Capacitor Gismodo
Want one

December 24 2011 Morning Stuff

Christmas countdown: 1 day left Toronto Sun

Australian Christmas a little different than the Canadian version Toronto Sun
I like the idea of a canoe ride on Christmas

Party on down this holiday season Toronto Sun
So what are your plans

Christmas at sea, standing on guard Toronto Sun

Top 10 games of 2011  Toronto Sun
Ideas for the gamer you need a gift for

Dropbox 2.0 for Android Brings Bulk Uploading, Offline Access to Favorite Files, More LifeHacker

Friday, 23 December 2011

December 23 2011 Night Stuff

Travelling this holiday? Pack patience Toronto Sun
If you are travelling, hope your lines are short

Photography With HTG: 10 Tips for Better Christmas Photos How To Geek
Some good tips and ideas

December 23 2011 Evening Stuff

Baby's First Flowchart LifeHacker
Way too funny, for the first time parent

Four Ways to Wrap an Oddly Shaped Gift LifeHacker
For those who have not finished there wrapping

How to Take Great Holiday Photos with Your iPhone LifeHacker

The Best Instant Messaging Application for Linux LifeHacker

What Are the Proper Ways to Respond to Gifts? LifeHacker

December 23 2011 Day Stuff

Test and Fix Your Posture with This Head-to-Toe Guide LifeHacker
Get a partner for this one

Google’s Cartoon Caption-Writing Contest Tests Your Wit LifeHacker

Fill Out Your Address Book to Make Siri Work Better LifeHacker

Password Protect Your Notes with Memo for Mac LifeHacker
Worth looking at 

The Baking 911 Infographic Gets You Out of Bad Baking Situations LifeHacker
Baking Time

George Bailey returns to Bedford Falls Toronto Sun
It would be an interesting side trip if you were in the area