Sunday, 25 September 2011

Everything we do is legal, Milice patriotique québécoise says

Everything we do is legal, Milice patriotique québécoise says The Montreal Gazette

This Is Not A Good Thing. This kind of talk is very disturbing. We have an Army and Reserve plus various Police forces that are regulated by law. I did not ask for this group to protect me. What laws/rules do they work under?

Canadian Air and Space Museum closes doors to visitors

Canadian Air and Space Museum closes doors to visitors Toronto Sun

A sad day for history buffs. I hope they can relocate & reopen soon. I understand they were behind on the rent, but to refuse a payment and the lock them out is questionable in my mind. There seems to be a push on in Toronto to close anything remotely educational.

City budget problems lets close the Zoo's & Learning Farms  close branches and/or cut back hours at the library.

This is something that all levels of government should be supporting.

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ford's Waterfront Plan Part 3

Ford's Port Lands plan sinks Toronto Sun

Good News, looks like council may be waking up to fact that not all Ford's ideas are not good ones. Letting the environmental assessment and the wetlands review happen is a very good thing.

Will be keeping an eye on this project.

Air museum eviction 'immoral,' vet says

Air museum eviction 'immoral,' vet says Toronto Sun 

Downsview is the best spot in the Toronto area for the museum. It is in the city, there use to be an airport there, close to where planes use to be built. 

Downsview Park museum allowed to stay six months Toronto Sun 

I hope they can find a permeant home quickly. 

Canadian Air and Space Museum closes doors to visitors Toronto Sun

A sad day for history buffs hope they can relocate & reopen

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Raccoons in the city

The attack on Rocky Raccoon - a prelude to animal gang war  Montreal Gazette 

Funny but sad. Raccoon can do quite well around humans. But then they get bold and/or damage things trying to get to food. 

Relocation does not work as you have to move them far away from people and they are no longer up to fending in the wild.

Tourist attractions register objections to recycling facility

Tourist attractions register objections to recycling facility

There have to be better locations for a recycling facility than the proposed location. The view from these attractions is part and parcel of the attraction for both of them. The added traffic and noise from the traffic would detract from the serenity of the area. 

I am for recycling but locating a recycling facility close to a river does not seem like a good idea to me. 

St. Marie, Shrine register objections to recycling facility  Midland Free Press

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Help Save Toronto Libraries

Ford bros not 'stupid' says Atwood
Author campaigns to save city libraries

Ford's Waterfront Plan part 2

Ford waterfront vision sinking quickly Globe and Mail

Maybe council is waking up to Mr Ford?

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Organized crime clearly involved in Quebec road construction

Organized crime clearly involved in Quebec road construction
Radio Canada report Montreal Gazette

An Honest Report for a change?

I ask, who is surprised at this? The rumour has been the Mob is running the road construction in Quebec, since a long as I can remember.

Report linking Quebec construction, organized crime won't be released Montreal Gazette

Why not release the report?

Road work corruption report 'devastating,' reveals 'rotten apples': critics Montreal Gazette

It is not a free ride

Libraries offer free ride: Levy

It's not a free ride, it is a way to introduce pepole to new places. If the winners take their family to the venue they might learn something and enjoy it too. They may well go back and pay.

I have friends to have won theses kinds of tickets and they enjoyed it and have home back. It is a kind of advertising.

It is a case of city venues working together, that is a very good thing.

Asserting Canadian Arctic Sovereignty

Asserting our Arctic sovereignty

The Arctic could be our future, if we keep it.

Canadian military offers design bid for stealth snowmobile

This would let us follow/intercept those who cross in to our part of the arctic.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Students say hazing expulsion 'unfair'

Students say hazing expulsion 'unfair' Toronto Sun

Driving around throwing eggs, then deciding to chase someone with a car and hitting them

There should be charges for driving around and throwing eggs at anyone. Sounds like assault and dangerous driving at least. 

Chasing someone on a bike with a car and hitting them, sounds like that would be against the law...

"Oh it's unfair".... Bull Shit ... If I had done this my dad would have taken me to the police station and said keep him locked up. after giving $hit for several hours for having been that stupid.

Yet an other Ford quick fix for Toronto

Animal attractions could be cut  Toronto Sun

Ford seems to be trying to cut/close any thing that might be educational.

Toronto Budget Committee Okays Bed Bug Nurses

Budget committee okays bed bug nurses Toronto Sun

Glad the council got the idea, will Ford?

This is a great idea

A result of security theatre at the Airport

Some recent news headlines

Some airport screeners have sticky fingers, documents show  Toronto Sun.
Airport security thefts plague Canadian travellers Toronto Sun.

Not surprised at this. The rush was to make it look like the government was doing something, they hired at a low pay with minimum screening. This leads to trouble with under screened and under trained personal.

For any security involved job, we need to hire good people at a good wage. Not farming it out to a contractor who hires at a low wage.

They need continuous training as the rules they are to enforce keep changing.  They need training on how to deal with people in general. Also have some of them speaking more than English or French would be a good thing too.

They need as good wage, so there is less temptation to steal or work with criminal elements. The vast number of laptops stolen at Airports in Canada and the USA would seem to indicate that there is some cooperation between some security elements at some airports.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Volunteering for the Right Reasons Might Help You Live Longer Life Hacker

I have enjoyed volunteering over the years. Currently serving as Vice-President for the Clearwater Beach Ratepayers Association. One day a year it is a fast paced running around trying to solve/prevent problems but smiles on the faces of the members of the association make it worth while.

The rest of the year, it is meeting and working with other toward a common goal.

Living in Montreal, does mean that getting back to the Beach for meetings is a bit of a pain, but it means I get to see a lot of old friends and new friends too. Working with the association helps me keep connection to our cottage where I have been going since I was born. Keeping in contact with those I have known since I was born or they were born. 
All in all the members of the Clearwater Beach Ratepayers Association are a great group of people that I enjoy being around.
Part of my involvement is paying it back to the Association, for the many Fun Day’s when I was young on the beach.
Volunteer it is a great way to get in touch with your community. An it might be good for you too.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

B.C. residents vote to scrap HST

B.C. residents vote to scrap HST 

This will be a nightmare for Businesses rolling back to the old system. 

It was a pain making the changes for Ontario and B.C. Undoing just BC will be a pain. Reissuing all of the PST exemption's will take a lot of work for the companies and the goverment.

Friday, 9 September 2011

You Do Need Know How To Cook The Basics

10+ Dishes and Drinks Everyone Should Know How to Make At Home (Including You)  from LifeHacker

Some of these look great

Learn the basics, and build from there.