Friday, 31 May 2013

May 31st 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Five Questions You Should Ask When Building an Emergency Fund LifeHacker 
Good to know 

How to Clean Out Your Overflowing Hard Drive and Get Your Space Back LifeHacker 
A very good thing to do on a regular schedule 

Find Out Which Custom Firmware Can Supercharge Your Camera LifeHacker 
Looks like a project to me 

How to Boost Your Internet Security with DNSCrypt LifeHacker 
I think I will implement this on the weekend 

Gorgeous Vintage Advertisements for Heroin, Cannabis and Cocaine LifeHacker 
Wow Wow Wow, you would get jail time for selling this stuff now

Thursday, 30 May 2013

May 30th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Get Your Bike Ready for a Ride with This 10-Point Checklist LifeHacker 
It's Bike time 

Stare into the eye of Africa's unfathomably huge Richat Structure iO9 

There's nothing sadder than the wreck of a once-great submarine iO9 
Wow there are a lot of old subs around the world 

The Biggest Reasons Why Fairies Are Evil iO9
Oh My, did not know about these Fairies 

Russians Recover Fresh Flowing Mammoth Blood iO9 
Very cool if true 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May 29th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

The Basics of Music Production, Lesson 3: Using Virtual Instruments LifeHacker 
Good to know, hope this helps 

Here Are Some Things You Think Are Exactly the Same But Really Aren't LifeHacker
Very good to know 

Dear New Intern: Don't Be the Intern Your Fellow Interns Hate Jezebel  
For my friends who's children are interning 

Add Comments to a Formula in Excel for Your Future Reference LifeHacker 
What a great idea!

How To Break Out of a Career Rut in Four Weeks LifeHacker 
For my friends who are in a rut

Turn an Old Computer Into a Do-Anything Home Server with FreeNAS 8 LifeHacker 
FW Looks like a cool project 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

May 28th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

The Mysteries Beneath New York City's Grand Central Terminal iO9 
Very Cool, to bad it is closed to the public 

Scientists Revive 400 Year-Old Frozen Plants iO9 
Awesome plants 

Thousands of cave paintings have been discovered in Mexico iO9
So much to learn about our history 

Freeze Your Target In Its Tracks With a Liquid Nitrogen Gun Gizmodo 
Want one!

Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt: Turn Your Castle into an Electronic Fortress Gizmodo 
Looks good 

Fight Bad Breath and Bathroom Clutter With This Toothbrush Cup Gizmodo 
Not sure about this one

Monday, 27 May 2013

May 27th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

How to Decipher the Beer List at Your Local Craft Beer Bar Drinks Serious Eats
Very good to know 

Back Up Your Evernote Notebooks (and Keep That Important Data Safe) LifeHacker 
Never though about it until now 

Five Best External Battery Packs LifeHacker 
They are good to have when on the move

When (and If) You Should Ever Work For Free LifeHacker 
Worth thinking about 

Ghostly Ship Graveyards from Around the World iO9
Hunting & Disturbing 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

May 26th 2013 Suff that caught My eye this morning

How to Make Your Own Self-Destructing Laptop That Blows Up Gizmodo
Just to make sure that video of you never gets in the wrong hands 

13 Unlucky Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions uO9 
Some bad ways to go

Before the Swiss Army Knife, Victorian women wore ornate multitools iO9 
Very Very Cool

Decaying Biblical theme park houses the ruins of faux Jerusalem iO9 
Creep Looking 

I Took This Amazing Tour Inside the Space Shuttle. So Should You. iO9 
Very Cool 

Friday, 24 May 2013

May 24th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Nine Things You Should and Shouldn't Do If You Lose Your Job LifeHacker 
Good to know 

Clueful Rates and Reveals Android Apps' Privacy Settings LifeHacker 
For my Android friends 

What to Expect From This Year's Memorial Day Sales LifeHacker 
Good luck with your shopping 

Twitter Finally Has Two-Factor Authentication: Here's How to Get It Gizmodo 
Good News 

5 Grisly Decades of Workplace Safety Posters Gizmodo 
Wow, cool and creepy 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

May 22nd 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

The Basics of Music Production, Lesson 2: Recording Audio LifeHacker
Some good information

How Sunscreen Works (And Why You're Wrong About It) Gizmodo
Very good to know as we move in to summer

Thursday, 16 May 2013

May 16th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Festival Ready: A Swiss Army App Tailored to Summertime Fun Gizmodo 
Looks interesting and the price is right free!

Everything Google Tried to Kill Today at Google I/O Gizmodo 

Gmail Adds New "Quick Action" Buttons, Helps You Act On Your Messages LifeHacker 
Looks good 

Disable Window Animations to Speed Up an Old Mac LifeHacker 
Hope this helps 

Why Serial Job Hopping Hurts Your Career (and How To Fix It) LifeHacker 
Good to know 

Ten Things To Do When You See A Car Crash Jalopnik 
Very Good To Know 

Google+ Gets 41 New Features, Including an Awesome New Interface LifeHacker 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May 13th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Commuting by Bike: Signaling, Common Intersections, and Traffic LifeHacker 
Play it safe if you bike to work. You have to follow the rules of the road. 

Before You Take Time Off, Make a Plan to Use It Effectively LifeHacker 
I think there is something to this idea. I do not seem to be getting refreshed on my time off, like I use too. 

Bringing it all together: 15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos LifeHacker  
Lots of storage now!

The Basics of Music Production, Lesson 1: Set Up Your Home Studio LifeHacker 

An Illustrated History Of Gas Masks iO9
The Mickey Mouse one is disturbing on several levels 

2001: A Space Odyssey explained on a 1968 child's menu iO9

10 White People Who Became Rulers of the Jungle iO9 
Wow, some really bad fiction there

Monday, 13 May 2013

Subtitles Automatically Downloads Subtitles for Movies on Your Mac LifeHacker 
Good to know 

Five Best Coffee Makers LifeHacker 
Mmmm Coffee 

Make Tons of Ice with a Muffin Tin LifeHacker 
Great Hack 

Remove Weeds from the Root Perfectly Every Time LifeHacker 
It is the start of gardening time 

Top 10 Computer Tricks Every Geek Should Know LifeHacker 
Some good tricks 

Measure Perfect Spaghetti Portions with a Soda Bottle LifeHacker 
Cool Hack

Your Desk Job Isn't Making You Fat, But Other Unhealthy Choices Are LifeHacker 
Good to know 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

May 12th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Neil Gaiman gives Doctor Who's Cybermen what they need: a new legend iO9 
Great Episode. Note Spoilers 

Remarkable Cave Houses, Including the Homes that Inspired Tolkien  iO9 
Awesome and Cool 

Germany’s Post-World War I Scheme to Extract Gold from Water iO9 
Wow, who knew?

All It Takes Is a Lego Jukebox To Make Your CDs Almost Useful Again Gizmodo 
Cool Build

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google+ Master Gizmodo 
For my Google+ friends 

Why So Many Beer Bottles Suddenly Look So Different Gizmodo 
Some interesting containers 

Friday, 10 May 2013

May 10th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

8 Extensions That Make Google Drive More Powerful Than Dropbox LifeHacker
Humm, for my friends who live in the google world.

Food Storage 101: Where and How Long to Keep Your Favorite Foods LifeHacker
Very Very Good To Know
Pixelmator Image Editor Updates with 100 New Features and Tools LifeHacker 
Just did the update 

Swipe the Navigation Banner in Google Maps to Reveal Upcoming Turns LifeHacker 
Good to know

How To Accept and Decline Job Offers LifeHacker 
For my friends who are still looking 

Google Translate Adds 16 New Languages, Supports Personal Phrasebooks LifeHacker 
For my android friends 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 9th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

The Secret NSA Search Tips That Will Make You a Spy Gizmodo 
Click through to the PDF, some very good tips

Goddammit, We Still Can't Cure Alzheimer's Disease Gizmodo 
I hope we can find a cure/preventive measure soon

FBI Documents Suggest That Feds Read Your Emails Without a Warrant Gizmodo 
Not good if true 

8 of the Internet's Most Adorable, Time-Wasting Animal Live Cams Gizmodo 
Sometimes you just need some cute in your life 

How Adobe Built a Stylus Fit For the Cloud Gizmodo
Cool, how much? Creative Cloud now looks better to me.

Start a Simple Web Server from Any Directory on Your Mac LifeHacker 

The Financial Moves You Should Make in May LifeHacker 
Some good ideas 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May 8th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

What Photoshop's Move to the Cloud Actually Means for You LifeHacker 
I am still not sure about this change

How to Build and Access Personal Knowledge Libraries LifeHacker 

Organize Your Messy Workbench with These 10 Tricks LifeHacker 
Some very good ideas 

Throw Out Your Resume Walks You Through a Modern Application Process LifeHacker 
For some jobs this would work  

What Should I Do With My Old Windows XP Laptop? Lifehacker 
Some good ideas 

How to Get Subtitles On Your Digital Movies LifeHacker 
Good to know 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May 7th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

5 Remarkable Ghost Towns Drowned by Damming Gizmodo 
Progress or destruction?

The 10 Most Useful LEGO Bricks Gizmodo 
LEGO for the win 

Six Beautiful Artifacts From the Dawn of Digital Typography Gizmodo 

Universally Accessible Energy Will Be Worth The Cost Gizmodo  
It is not a huge investment but it is worth it 

A Morse Code Clock Makes Everything Seem More Official Gizmodo 
Would love to get one 

11 Things Mad Scientists Should Never Do iO9
Not a bad list 

Fetching minimalist prints honor mathematicians and their contributions  iO9
Very Very Cool. For my Math Friends 

Monday, 6 May 2013

May 6th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Keep Brown Sugar Moist With an Orange Peel LifeHacker 
Great idea 

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Tech LifeHacker
Saving Money is a good thing

Commuting by Bike: Getting Started LifeHacker 
Great tips 

Why I Gave Up Job Security to Go Freelance LifeHacker 

Facebook's Trusted Contacts Sends Password Reset Codes to Your Friends LifeHacker 
Interesting Idea  

Custom Pull Chain Tabs Ensure You Never Accidentally Turn On the Fan LifeHacker 
Very Cool 

Which Home Improvements Can I DIY and Which Should I Leave to a Pro? LifeHacker 
A good starting place 

Install Google Fonts on Windows or Mac for Faster Web Browsing LifeHacker 
Worth thinking about 

How to Troubleshoot the Four Most Common "Oh Sh*t" Mac Problems LifeHacker 
Very Very Good To Know