Saturday, 31 March 2012

March 31 2012 Evening stuff that caught My eye

Hack a Door to Open Via RFID LifeHacker
Cool project

Top 10 (Mostly) Harmless Geek Pranks LifeHacker
Fun Ideas from tomorrow

Melting down Nobel Prizes to buy bullets and dissolving the awards to fool Nazis iO9

The Mayans’ Deadly Wooden Gun iO9

Ancient raindrop fossils reveal that we can thank greenhouse gases for early life on Earth iO9
Learn every day

Shaken or Stirred: Which Gets You Drunker? A Scientific Exploration Gizmodo
Experiment time 

March 31 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Following Titanic's route Toronto Sun
The cruises sound like a neat way to follow the story. A once in a life time trip.

Loving your lentils 
Bean there, done that? Give these delicious recipes a try  Toronto Sun
They look yummy 

It’s World Backup Day! Celebrate by Finally Backing Up Your Stuff LifeHacker
Have you backed up today? Good time to start

Clean Up Your Mess of Social Networks This Weekend LifeHacker

How to Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive Your Android Phone LifeHacker
For my Android using friends

Remove Paint with a Slow Cooker and Water LifeHacker
I would try a small piece first to make sure there are  no reactions

Friday, 30 March 2012

March 30 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

How to Tell If Your Credit Card Was Hacked in the Global Payments Breach LifeHacker
Please read and check you accounts

How to Remove Rust From Old Tools LifeHacker
Keep you tools clean to start is a good solution

10 Deadly Enemies that Humans Turned Into Servants iO9

Police found 1 in 9 vehicles unlocked, sometimes with valuables in plain view Midland Freepress
Do you lock your car all the time?

March 30 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Penny to die, but GST, HST to still be calculated to cent Globe and Mail
I will miss the Penny, My mum's, mum use to save her penny's for the grand kid's and when we got together we would roll them and split them between the 5 of us.

Infographic: Your 2012 federal budget explained Globe and Mail

Go the F**k Home LifeHacker 
Blunt but a good idea, you should have a life out side of work

Put a Magnet On Your Bottle Opener to Avoid Wayward Bottle Caps LifeHacker
If flying beer caps are a problem for you try it

Kill Your Email Addiction; Put Your Inbox in the Upstairs Bathroom LifeHacker
Depends on your job but it may work for you

6 questions to ask a job interviewer CNN Money
Hope this helps my friends looking for work 

Manage Limited Desk Space with Interchangeable Work Areas LifeHacker

October 8, 1871: The Night America Burned iO9
Wow did not know about all those fires

Thursday, 29 March 2012

March 29 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Pole dance put on at Toronto City Hall Toronto Sun
If they are going to vote on it they should at least see one

Balsillie resigns from RIM Toronto Sun

Learn to Quiet Your High Volume Sneezes LifeHacker
Not going to try some of the suggestions after reading the whole piece

March 29 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

What are tannins? Are they good or bad for wine? Globe and Mail 

Social networking site Pinterest in battle against spammers Globe and Mail
Some one is always trying to game the system

Buckle up: Anthony Bourdain's got a new show Globe and Mail
I have seen the Montreal Layover great show

When Opium Was For Newborns And Bayer Sold Heroin iO9
Ah the good old days

Alexander Graham Bell’s 130-year-old record collection has been resurrected iO9
Very Cool way ahead of his time

In search of Ancient Egypt’s very own watery answer to Venice iO9
Very interesting if true.

10 Things To Never Say To Your Boss Ask Men
Worth the read

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

March 28 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Twitter and Google in censorship standoff with Brits Globe and Mail
Bad Bad Idea. Context is important not just the words

Foil Electronic Pickpockets with Aluminum Foil or Multiple Credit Cards LifeHacker
Or buy a new wallet 

Know When to Back Out of a Project LifeHacker 

Use a Sheet of Paper to Make Sure Your Knife Is as Sharp as It Should Be LifeHacker
Good To Know

Follow the 2:4 Rule to Store and Enjoy Leftovers Safely LifeHacker
Play it safe, no one want to be sick

Vidéotron puts stock in set-top box Globe and Mail
Fiber vs a better cable box....

How to manage and disclose data breaches
Bill C-12 Montreal Gazette

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March 27 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Daily App Deals: Get NOAA Weather Radio for iOS for $1.99 in Today’s App Deals LifeHacker

Keep a Standby Grocery List for Quick and Easy Shopping When You’re Short on Time LifeHacker
Good Idea

How to Speed Up, Clean Up, and Revive Your Mac LifeHacker
Guess what I will be doing this weekend?

Which Alcoholic Drinks Are "Healthiest"? LifeHacker
Testing Time

Double-Check Your Bill Every Month to Avoid Fees for Unwanted "Services" LifeHacker
Very good advice, I check my bills do you?

Major Highlights in the History of Space Opera iO9
And my reading/viewing list gets longer 

NYC Dept of Education wants to ban the word "dinosaur" from standardized tests iO9
What the **** are they thinking

Keep Your Closet Full of Clothes that Match to Save Money, Time LifeHacker
Good Idea 

March 27 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

You Can Sign Up for Instagram on Android Now LifeHacker
For my Android using friends

What Do I Do When My Employer Wants to Be Too Social? LifeHacker
Lot's of issues to think about

Work a Financial Overhaul into Your Spring Cleaning LifeHacker
Good Idea for a yearly review and plan

10 Things Alcohol is Excellent At (Besides Getting You Drunk) iO9
Who knew?

High-energy radiation reveals a pair of secret Vincent Van Gogh paintings iO9

Métro etiquette 101: follow the arrows! Montreal Gazette
Wish the TTC could do something like this

Monday, 26 March 2012

March 26 2012 Evening Stuff That Caught My Eye

Hone Your Organization Skills by Helping Others with Their Messes LifeHacker
You can hone your skills at my place

Study Before Bed for Significantly Better Retention LifeHacker
Hope this helps my friends who are at school

Here’s How Getting Things Done Creator David Allen Organizes His Workspace LifeHacker

Quickly Cut a Bell Pepper by Skipping the Seeding LifeHacker
Depends on what you are making, but sometimes I want the seeds

10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break Huffington Post
How many of these do you have?

Create a Splurge Budget to Avoid Overspending on Impulse Buys LifeHacker
Going to give it a try

Ontario top court legalizes brothels, soliciting stays illegal Toronto Sun 

March 26 2012 Morning Stuff

James Cameron completes first solo dive to deepest spot on Earth Globe and Mail
Well Done James Cameron

Movin' on up in Regent Park Toronto Sun 
Does not sound/look good

Could giant asteroid Vesta actually be a planet? IO9

The size of your brain can predict how many friends you have IO9
Interesting idea, not sure I agree  

The last mammoths died out just 3600 years ago…but they should have survived IO9

How to Store Fresh Basil LifeHacker
Good to know

Five Best Headsets with Attached Microphones LifeHacker

Sunday, 25 March 2012

March 25 2012 Morning Stuff

A Toronto couple ditches the big city for laid-back Port Hope Globe and Mail
Good reasons to leave the big city

Thailand welcomes Google Street View with open arms, a rarity in Asia Globe and Mail

Why men can't – and shouldn't – stop staring at women Globe and Mail
Learn something every day, but not sure I buy it

Make an Orange Into an Oil Lamp LifeHacker
Could be a very cool effect

PocketESN Helps Used Android Buyers Avoid Blacklisted Phones LifeHacker
For my Android using friends, buying a used phone

Repurpose a Rake Head Into a Wine Glass Holder LifeHacker
Not for every one but I like it

Build a Sturdy, Wooden Hammock Out of Tree Branches LifeHacker
Awesome build very cool 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

March 24 2012 Afternoon Stuff

Top 10 Essential DIY Skills That Aren’t as Hard as You Think LifeHacker
Good List, you should be able to at least do something in each area

The 10 Best Retorts in Science Fiction and Fantasy IO9
I Like I Like a lot

Are we on the verge of a thermal battery revolution? IO9
Looks promising 

Could you really survive the apocalypse by eating freeze-dried food? IO9
It can be very expensive if you expect to eat if for a long time

These are the places in America where alcohol is still banned IO9
Wow had no idea that many places

Book tells Muslim men how to beat and control their wives Toronto Sun
WTF we let this book in to Canada? Some one was asleep at the wheel

March 23 2012 Morning Stuff

Who cracks six figures - or more - among Ontario’s civil servants? Globe and Mail
Wish Quebec and the Fed's did this kind of thing

Get ready for cottage country Toronto Sun
Love the Cottage Life Show

Book now to take a walk on the wild side Toronto Sun
Looks like fun but on the pricy side

Tips to ease airport connections Toronto Sun
For my friends who fly

Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows That Were Ahead of Their Time IO9
I liked about 1/2 of the list

The electricity demonstration that got someone executed. Again. IO9

Friday, 23 March 2012

March 22 2012 Evening Stuff

What Do I Need to Do After Losing My Wallet? LifeHacker
Major Pain in the butt to lose a wallet or purse 

When To Use Different Types of Salt for Barbecue and Other Cooking LifeHacker
Hummm good to know

Haven’t Changed the Way You Drive in Years? Then You’re Probably Driving All Wrong LifeHacker
Air Bags cause change!

Looks yummy 

Hyperdecanting: Better Wine in a Minute, You Impatient Philistine LifeHacker
Oh my, not sure I would try this 

Symcat Diagnoses Your Health Symptoms Like a Doctor Would, Then Tells You What To Do LifeHacker
Not sure about this

Callnote Records Skype Calls and Saves the Audio to Evernote Automatically LifeHacker

March 23 2012 Morning Stuff

Why Bodog’s fate suggests .ca domains are a safer harbour than .com Globe and Mail
Wow learning the hard way

Are Bananas Much Better Than Cookies? Foods That Keep You Full and Prevent an Energy Crash LifeHacker
Darn have to rethink my snacks

How to Keep Your Sneezing to a Minimum This Allergy Season LifeHacker
Hope this helps

You Should Forget About Push Notifications for Your Email LifeHacker
Not for every one but still have a read

Don’t Try To Prioritize, Work On Your Timing Ari Meisel
Some good ideas

Thursday, 22 March 2012

March 22 2012 Evening Stuff

Spruce Up Your Social Network Profiles Before Applying for a New Job to Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired LifeHacker
Good Idea 

6 Crucial Job Searching Steps Most People Skip WiseBread
Hope these help in you search

What Do I Need to Do Now That I’m Making Some Legit Money Freelancing? LifeHacker
Focus on USA but some good stuff

Tame and Hide Your Spaghetti of Cables and Network Wires Like The Pros LifeHacker
If you are not upgrading/changing a lot

Renter’s Solutions to Increase Energy Efficiency and Cut the Power Bill LifeHacker
Help cut your energy bill

March 22 2012 Morning Stuff

Landmark ruling on prostitution laws coming Monday Globe and Mail
One way or the other a ruling is needed

Wireless providers launch smartphone upgrade programs Globe and Mail
Good News for those looking to upgrade 

Cute overload 
Tech 'toys' to warm the heart (and your lap) Toronto Sun
s\Some cool toys to think about

Top 10 sunrises around the world Toronto Sun
Wow wonderful

Make Seed Tape for the Perfect Planting Arrangement, Save Time and Seeds in Your Garden LifeHacker
Great idea and simple too

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March 21 2012 Evening Stuff

10 Coolest Sidekicks in Science Fiction and Fantasy IO9
Wow good list

Squint Slightly and Stick Your Chin Out for Better Portrait Shots LifeHacker
Ok will have to try this for the ext portrait

10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science Lifhacker
No Pain No Gain

March 21 2012 Morning Stuff

Canadian Tire pleads guilty in gas price-fixing scheme Globe and Mail
Gas Price Fixing oh my

Will the manager of the future be a slave to technology? Globe and Mail
Good article and very good points

Rhubarb galette and 10 other fresh recipes for spring Globe and Mail
MMMMM Spring veg 

March munching 
Celebrating the month of mania with healthy eating Toronto Sun

Solution needed to deadly confrontations between police and mentally ill Toronto Sun
It is a fine moving line between the two

Gmail Now Tells You Why Email Ends Up in Your Spam Folder LifeHacker
This is a great feature

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March 20 2012 Evening Stuff

Daydreaming Can Be Good for Your Brain LifeHacker
Some time you need to stop thinking to think of a solution to a problem

What To Do When You Think You’re Underpaid LifeHacker
Remember to look at the total package, pay, benefits, perks, location

15 international food etiquette rules that might surprise you MSNBC 
Wow learn all kinds of stuff

Avoid Hotel Cancellation Fees by Changing Your Stay Dates Before Canceling the Reservation LifeHacker
I like it 

Update All of Your Social Network Settings from One Page with Bliss Control LifeHacker

How Can I Tell If I’m Being Monitored at Work and What Can I Do About It? LifeHacker

The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Complainers Psychology Today
Some good tips, hope you do not need them

Cloak Automatically Secures Your Browsing on Open Wi-Fi Networks, Is About as Hassle-Free as It Gets LifeHacker