Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July 31st 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Make a Floating Tabletop on the Cheap 
http://bit.ly/M0D8LW LifeHacker
Great idea for the pool or lake

Cut Through the Bystander Effect by Explicitly Telling Someone to Call 911 
http://bit.ly/QT4YHy LifeHacker
Very Good To Know 

Ask an Expert: All About Resumes 
http://bit.ly/Oxqbu7 LifeHacker
For my friends looking for work.  Read the comments

How Can I Get to the Bottom of Bad Phone Reception? 
http://bit.ly/MYI29T LifeHacker
Is your phone or the carrier the problem 

NASA says flags left by Apollo astronauts are still standing 
http://bit.ly/N8luSA iO9

What exactly is a Blue Moon? 
http://bit.ly/N8lUse iO9
And now you know

10 Revolting Foods That People Have Made in Prison 
http://bit.ly/MYIRQf iO9
Yumm or Not

Spaceman Spiff (and other classic Calvin and Hobbes moments) in GIF form 
http://bit.ly/OGgqYW iO9
Very Very Cool

Monday, 30 July 2012

July 30th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

What superchef Anthony Bourdain really thinks of Toronto 
http://bit.ly/T0DxhR Globe and Mail
Much better than I would have guessed

With one e-mail, Amazon.com founder changes ballot fight 
http://bit.ly/OBC94o Globe and Mail
Well Done Jeff and Mackenzie 

The complete guide to peaches 
http://bit.ly/Q43FbK Montreal Gazette
Yumm it's Peach season

Wakeboarding, the sport of the tanned gods 
http://bit.ly/NeKKFV Montreal Gazette
Look's Like Fun

Camping gadgets for the great outdoors 
http://bit.ly/NeL1sz Toronto Sun
Great for the Beach and Cottage too

Canada's top 10 amusement parks 
http://bit.ly/MO9JGi Toronto Sun
Your thoughts?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

July 29th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Local science and nature
bit.lyMt1hHG Orillia Packet and Times
Very Very Cool

Afraid of Contamination? How to Test the Water in Your House
bit.ly/QqgXS6 LifeHacker
Some things to consider

Bed Bug Registry Helps You Avoid Creepy Crawlies When Traveling
bit.ly/MNtxJS LifeHacker
Very Very Good To Know When Traveling

Build a XBMC Media Center with a $35 Raspberry Pi
bit.ly/LXdUxS LifeHacker
One more reason to get one

Keep Kids from Falling out of Bed with Pool Noodles
bit.ly/M33f0c LifeHacker
This should work from many

So-called “Dullest Culture on Earth” frowns upon sex and bans play
bit.ly/QEXuru iO9

Rare photographs of atomic bomb testing at Bikini Atoll 
http://bit.ly/PdTL2t iO9
Wow Oh My, you need to see these

July 29th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this afternoon

DIY Bacon Fat Candle 
http://bit.ly/T00kKO LifeHacker
I think the smell would make me very hungry

Roll Neck Ties for Easier Storage and Less Wrinkles 
http://bit.ly/LWW9Pt LifeHacker
Been doing this for travel for years

Top 10 Secret Features of OS X Mountain Lion 
http://bit.ly/OcjBoR LifeHacker
Humm lots to play with 

Can I Freeze It? How to Extend the Life of Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Perishables http://bit.ly/P6wJe7 LifeHacker
Very good to know

Use a Sandwich Bag as a Makeshift Funnel 
http://bit.ly/P6yQ1m LifeHacker
So simple 

Keep Track of Tiny Screws with a Piece of Paper or Cardboard 
bit.ly/N5slfE LifeHacker
A very good idea, I hate trying to figure out which one goes where

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

July 25th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Comeback of a deadly disease, and where we went wrong 
http://bit.ly/MlM8bd Globe and Mail
Not Good At All

Turn the Back of Your Monitor Into a Workspace Utility Belt 
http://bit.ly/MGvDLz LifeHacker
Some very good ideas

Grifiti Pads Provide Ergonomic Wrist Support to Slim Keyboard and Laptop Users http://bit.ly/MW28QB LifeHacker

Why I’ve Opted for a Piecemeal Social Network Over Facebook or Google+ http://bit.ly/MGcgQU LifeHacker
Humm it works for some

How Can I Integrate My Smartphone into My Car on the Cheap? 
http://bit.ly/MW2sic LifeHacker
For my friends with cars

Make Friends, Not Contacts 
http://bit.ly/M8h3MU LifeHacker
Very True

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

July 24th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Substitute Avocado for Butter to Cut the Fat from Baked Goods 
http://bit.ly/PfRU0H LifeHacker

Use Plastic bags as Seed Starters for Your Next Garden 
http://bit.ly/MVlgy9 LifeHacker
Great Hack

Add LEDs to Your Bicycle Handlebars for Safe Night Riding 
http://bit.ly/Og4soJ LifeHacker
Very Cool

Feel Like You’re Faking It? That Might Not Be a Bad Thing 
http://bit.ly/MG2xfj LifeHacker

Remote SSH Into Your Home Mac Through iCloud’s Network 
http://bit.ly/QzVaGt LifeHacker
Hummm have to try this

July 24th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Science journal challenges Harper to defend research cuts
http://bit.ly/MEXzvj Montreal Gazette 
These cut's are hard to justify on so many levels

A cookbook devoted to burgers: Call it a whopper
The Book of Burger includes 200 recipes.
http://bit.ly/NORdM3 Montreal Gazette
Muummm Burgers

10 Civilizations That Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances 
http://bit.ly/OVX523 iO9
Wow, learn something new 

These detailed engravings reveal how Europeans saw Chinese life in the 1670s http://bit.ly/Okyq9h iO9
Oh My 

Hacker Will Expose Potential Security Flaw In Four Million Hotel Room Keycard Locks http://onforb.es/MF8dpV Forbes
Not a good thing if true

10 Steps to a Healthier Office 
http://bit.ly/MEZJLv LifeHacker
Some very good ideas

Monday, 23 July 2012

July 23rd 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Canada's oddest tourist attractions 
http://bit.ly/NOb4IG Toronto Sun
Wow some strange attractions

How you can be famous on the Internet by next week 
http://bit.ly/PGkIgj Toronto Sun

Best of food and drink this week 
http://bit.ly/MDGuWv Canada.Com
Some yummy food

Ingredient of the week: blueberries 
http://bit.ly/PzDWre Canada.com
Blueberries I love Blueberries

Use Medicated Body Powder to Quickly Heal Poison Ivy Rashes 
http://bit.ly/QqWcV6 LifeHacker
Worth a try

Make Watermelon Juice Using a Drill and Coat Hanger 
http://bit.ly/P02Ijx LifeHacker

Sunday, 22 July 2012

July 22nd 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Chill red wines for another hot weekend 
http://bit.ly/PC2Xic Canada.Com 
Hummm I may have to test this theory 

3D printing technology could let you print your pharmaceuticals at home 
http://bit.ly/MCXAUn iO9
No more trips to the Drug Store 

Tactile maps from an 1830s atlas for the blind 
http://bit.ly/MxgR7T iO9
Very Cool and Awesome

Get lost within the walls of a massive labyrinth made of books 
http://bit.ly/O9rbmt iO9

To help clean up toxic mine water, let fungi bloom 
http://bit.ly/LHimkq iO9
Great Idea

New evidence shows that Neanderthals understood the medicinal value of certain foods http://bit.ly/O9rXzU iO9

July 22nd 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Hang Folding Chairs on Your Wall to Provide Temporary Storage 
http://bit.ly/NF5Yjb LifeHacker

YouTube Adds Automatic Face Blurring Option 
http://bit.ly/Pyx9L1 LifeHacker
Could be very useful

Cook Fresh Corn on the Cob in Your Microwave 
http://bit.ly/MCgBGE LifeHacker
Hummm, not as much fun as a big boil over an open fire with friends

Top 10 DIY Miracles You Can Accomplish with a $1 Binder Clip 
http://bit.ly/NLvvG1 LifeHacker
Love Them

Build a Mason Jar Based Snack Dispenser 
http://bit.ly/NpMulp LifeHacker
Very cool idea, you could dress it up and have it look awesome 

An adorable tribute to the Soviet Union’s canine cosmonauts 
http://bit.ly/NUWgeS iO9
Very cute 

Benjamin Franklin’s Fluid Theory of Electricity 
http://bit.ly/PwBphK iO9
Wow Cool


Saturday, 21 July 2012

July 21st 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

When it’s too hot to cook 
12 ways to make dinner without turning on the heat 
http://bit.ly/Np5wZ3 Montreal Gazette
Looks yummy

Attach Magnets to Plastic Cups 
http://bit.ly/M3rn8I LifeHacker
Brilliant Idea and not just for the little ones

Manage Joint Finances Using a Whiteboard 
http://bit.ly/OPdFUQ LifeHacker
This may help with your Finances

July 21st 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

10 Limits to Human Perception … and How They Shape Your World 
http://bit.ly/Nod3aM iO9
Wow I learned a few things 

An aquatic robot that devours plastic junk in the ocean 
http://bit.ly/O5jJJ5 iO9
Great Idea, we need something to deal with all the plastic

Want to be healthy? Move to the beach 
http://bit.ly/Mf9Aae iO9
So there is a health benefit to my want to live at the cottage plan

This massive Saturnian thunderbolt was so bright it was visible from space. In broad daylight. 
http://bit.ly/LzvaEE iO9

10 Structures That Could Help Us Build Civilizations on the Ocean 
http://bit.ly/QjKdsx iO9
Very cool

Baffling Science Hoaxes: Why Did We Believe in the Tongue Map? 
http://bit.ly/MQIvbF iO9
Oh My

Friday, 20 July 2012

July 21st 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

How to throw a Southern BBQ bash, tiny peach pies and all 
http://bit.ly/Pptumn Globe and Mail

Judging Ontario's best wines 
http://bit.ly/OdXb6Z Toronto Sun
Time for some shopping

Old-school travel agents stage comeback 
http://bit.ly/LZSwJI Toronto Sun
Travel agents can be a great help

When Doing Creative Work, Be Sure You’re Bringing the Right Side of Yourself to the Table http://bit.ly/Q9dmIa LifeHacker

Find The Right BPM for Your Perfect Running Playlist with This Chart 
http://bit.ly/MNT6Ei LifeHacker
For my runner friends

Does Your Employer Expect You to be Always Connected? 
http://bit.ly/OBFzDT LifeHacker
Does you employer?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

July 20th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Instapaper and Instafetch Available on iOS and Android for Over 30% Off 
http://bit.ly/OKym0u LifeHacker
Great Apps

How to Prepare Your Mac for Mountain Lion 
http://bit.ly/LvV5gC LifeHacker
Good Advice

The Holy Trinity of Inactivity: How Boredom, Distraction, and Procrastination Are Vital to Healthy Living 
http://bit.ly/NWzNJc LifeHacker
Humm Something to think about 

At Last, Good News for Multitaskers 
http://bit.ly/NDTlDB LifeHacker
Some good news

Roll, then Flatten a Package of Bacon to Make the Strips Easy to Pry Apart http://bit.ly/PbjJ7K LifeHacker

July 20th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Want to lose weight? This is your best weapon 
http://bit.ly/MmDRGs Globe and Mail
Some good advice, maybe I should follow it this time!

Bannock tacos, fried baloney – this is aboriginal cuisine? 
http://bit.ly/LYuRcH Globe and Mail
Interesting Food 

PayPal, e-commerce revenue doubles EBay earnings 
http://bit.ly/NSvmPA Globe and Mail

Tech of luxury 
When ordinary phones, cameras and USB ports just aren't enough 
http://bit.ly/P5e7Mj Toronto Sun
Want the camera

Five Lesser-Known Amazon Services That Can Save You Time and Money http://bit.ly/Lui7nO LifeHacker
Some good tips/tricks

What’s the Difference Between All These Audio Formats, and Which One Should I Use? http://bit.ly/Q7gxjp LifeHacker
Worth the read

Build the Perfect, Portable, Powerful Mac, Then Carry It in Your Pocket 
http://bit.ly/Q7gKDb LifeHacker
Ok, I have a weekend project now

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

July 18th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Ingredient of the week: apricots
Very yummy looking

Privacy breach may involve 25 Ontario ridings
http://bit.ly/SFKTqQ Toronto Sun
Check the list of ridings, to see if you may be effected
"As a precaution, Elections Ontario recommends that Ontarians in the impacted electoral districts monitor and verify their personal transaction statements from governments, financial institutions, businesses and any other institutions to detect any unusual activity," 

the statement said.

How to survive the summer heat wave 
http://bit.ly/MjMTnQ Globe and Mail
Great Advice, please read it

We must give our kids a fighting chance around water 
http://bit.ly/NzsXw4 Globe and Mail
If you have children or a pool please read this

Bourbon and barbecue? That’s smokin’ 
http://bit.ly/MHWroj Globe and Mail

Prey’s New Mobile-Friendly Webapp Finds Your Lost or Stolen Laptop, Smartphone http://bit.ly/OFJfRh LifeHacker
Worth looking at

Is Everything I Do Actually Killing Me? 
http://bit.ly/Q5s96I LifeHacker
It does seem that way some days

Make Frozen Meal Packs for Your Slow Cooker for Easy Dinners Any Day of the Week http://bit.ly/MHzFOo LifeHacker
Very Good Idea durning the heat

Why Habits Aren’t Always Formed in 21 Days 
http://bit.ly/NEl8r8 LifeHacker
Good To Know

Spend Your First 30 Days at a New Job Learning the Business Instead of Making Changes http://bit.ly/O9IdyT LifeHacker
Sounds good to me

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

July 17th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Top 10 tips for stress-free summer travel
http://bit.ly/NFpGIK Toronto Sun
Very good tips

Mint QuickView Puts a Synopsis of Your Financial Situation in Your Mac’s Menubar http://bit.ly/NuMw7e LifeHacker
Love Mint

How the People Around You Affect Personal Success 
http://bit.ly/NBrWpv LifeHacker
Interesting Theory

TowelMate Ultimate Beach Towel Hides Your Stuff from Potential Thieves 
http://bit.ly/LuOeII LifeHacker
Great Idea

Intro to 3D Modeling: The Complete Guide 
http://bit.ly/OMRYCj LifeHacker
Want to learn about 3D Modeling?

Repurpose a Wall Mounted Folding Table as a Collapsible Standing Desk http://bit.ly/MuIpwy LifeHacker
If you want to try a standing desk this works

How to Put a Movie Theater in Your Home on the Cheap 
http://bit.ly/Ny3frK LifeHacker
Hummm thinking about it

Monday, 16 July 2012

July 16th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Replace a Kitchen Cabinet Drawer with a Produce Storage Drawer 
http://bit.ly/Nw95Kd LifeHacker
Great Idea

Estimate How Much Propane is Left in Your Tank with a Glass of Water 
http://bit.ly/NCKTCZ LifeHacker
Good to know

Foundd Helps You and Your Friends Decide What Movie to Watch 
http://bit.ly/NwrU2i LifeHacker
Sounds good

Store Extra Sheet Sets Under Your Mattress 
http://bit.ly/Sz3qFg LifeHacker
Cute trick

Build an Urban Window Garden 
http://bit.ly/NsyAul LifeHacker
Cool Build

Sunday, 15 July 2012

July 15th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Forest fires started by people on the rise as Montreal heat wave in 4th day with photos http://bit.ly/M0MV1d Montreal Gazette  
Not Good

DIY Bug Zapper 
http://bit.ly/NaT7Ic LifeHacker
Interesting project 

Make a Picnic Blanket Tote 
http://bit.ly/NpZtC8 LifeHacker
Very cool project

Keep Houseplants from Leaking Dirt with Coffee Filters 
http://bit.ly/O0WYns LifeHacker
Very good idea for indoor plants

Earth’s magnetic field just might be gearing up for a reversal 
http://bit.ly/Nb0CyP LifeHacker
Not a good thing

July 15th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Solar flare could wreak havoc on Earth 
http://bit.ly/PZaBcp Toronto Sun
This is a problem that will happen, one day

Best beach travel gear for summer 
http://bit.ly/PW2OuA Toronto Sun
Some neat things

Leacock Summer Festival set to begin 
http://bit.ly/NGYqgt Orillia Packet & Times
Look's like a great time if you are in the area

Trent-Severn Waterway employees face layoffs 
http://bit.ly/P7LGR7 Barrie Examiner 
Not a good thing. The waterway brings a lot of benefits to communities 

Make a DIY Wall Shelf Using Crown Molding 
http://bit.ly/LSqaRL LifeHacker
A nice little project

Improvise Butterfly Stitches Using Medical Tape 
http://bit.ly/NqSLge LifeHacker
Good to know 

Top 10 Hardware Boosting Hacks 
http://bit.ly/NTjQqF LifeHacker
Some fun hacks

Saturday, 14 July 2012

July 14th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

A Facebook Guide for Musicians 
http://bit.ly/LRkhEl LifeHacker
Some good ideas and tips

Map Your Procrastination Patterns to Get to the Root of the Problem 
http://bit.ly/OqyOkl LifeHacker
This may help you

Brewster Is an Address Book That Pools Together All Your Social Contacts and Organizes Them Automatically 
http://bit.ly/PY9oSu LifeHacker

RoadTrip Mixtape Builds the Perfect Road Trip Playlist, Stuffed with Bands from Cities You Drive Through 
http://bit.ly/NpbZ1L LifeHacker
Cool idea

Why Only Yuppies Feel Busy: An Economic Theory 
http://bit.ly/NpcmcW The Atlantic
Interesting Theory

Bring a Salad to a Picnic in a Drinking Glass 
http://bit.ly/OFzjrL LifeHacker
Great Idea

July 14th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Bruce Trail celebrates 50th anniversary 
http://bit.ly/NCsYjI Midland Freepress
Happy Birthday to the Bruce Trail

Intro to 3D Modeling, Lesson 5: Bringing It All Together 
http://bit.ly/Mreod4 LifeHacker
More learning

How to Find Out What’s Costing You Money on Your Electric Bill 
http://bit.ly/MopbZr LifeHacker
Some very good tips to help save you money

Make a Monopod Out of a Broom Handle 
http://bit.ly/M8H4ti LifeHacker
Nice hack, and a money saver

Add Flavoring to Your Wood Chips Before Using Them in the Smoker 
http://bit.ly/PXk43S LifeHacker
Great idea

Store Cucumbers at Room Temperature So They’ll Last Longer 
http://bit.ly/P68tN6 LifeHacker
I did not know this

Should I Change My Password? Tells You If Your Email Has Been Hacked, Notifies You When More Hacks Happen 
http://bit.ly/M8HQ9z LifeHacker
Great Idea

Lifehacker Pack for iPad: Our List of the Best iPad Apps 
http://bit.ly/MorfR5 LifeHacker
Good list to start with

Lifehacker Pack for Linux: Our List of the Best Linux Apps 
http://bit.ly/NNfEZo LifeHacker
For my Linux Friends