Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January 22nd 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Get Rid of Tape Residue with Duct Tape 
http://bit.ly/TeCEqw LifeHacker 
It might be worth a try 

Knowing a Little of Everything Is Often Better Than Having One Expert Skill 
http://bit.ly/SuTpfg LifeHacker 
On the whole I agree but there are jobs where 1 skill is critical 

What Do I Do When One of My Favorite Apps Gets Pulled from the App Store? 
http://bit.ly/XweMtq LifeHacker 
Very Good To Know 

Research An Interviewer to Better Gauge How to Interact with Them 
http://bit.ly/SuUYtS LifeHacker 
For my friends who are still looking 

How I Cleaned 1,328 Emails Out of My Inbox in an Hour 
http://bit.ly/10mxSEA LifeHacker 

Negative reaction prompts change to proposed TSW fees 
http://bit.ly/Yke2xW Orillia Packet and Times
The cut in hours is not good 

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