Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May 7th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

5 Remarkable Ghost Towns Drowned by Damming 
http://bit.ly/10lJhEX Gizmodo 
Progress or destruction?

The 10 Most Useful LEGO Bricks 
http://bit.ly/12a08hd Gizmodo 
LEGO for the win 

Six Beautiful Artifacts From the Dawn of Digital Typography 
http://bit.ly/12dcvHY Gizmodo 

Universally Accessible Energy Will Be Worth The Cost 
http://bit.ly/11eoeKS Gizmodo  
It is not a huge investment but it is worth it 

A Morse Code Clock Makes Everything Seem More Official 
http://bit.ly/YC6hEz Gizmodo 
Would love to get one 

11 Things Mad Scientists Should Never Do 
http://bit.ly/ZDuGVf iO9
Not a bad list 

Fetching minimalist prints honor mathematicians and their contributions 
http://bit.ly/12dedsQ  iO9
Very Very Cool. For my Math Friends 

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