Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 25th 2013, Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Add Images as Attachments via Drag and Drop in Gmail 
http://bit.ly/18d1A7L LifeHacker 
For my Gmail using friends 

Ask an Expert: All About Online Job Hunting 
http://bit.ly/1aJQtm4 LifeHacker 
Some great ideas in the comments 

How Can I Find (and Hire) A Good, Responsible Handyman? 
http://bit.ly/1aa0Bpy LifeHacker
Great ideas and tips for finding a good contractor/handyman

Replace Worn-Off Appliance Lettering with Sugru 
http://bit.ly/10hRYUk LifeHacker 
Cool fix 

What Happened to the Mysterious Humans of the Sahara 7,000 Years Ago? 
http://bit.ly/132quo6 iO9 

The Most Insane Television Sets in History 
http://bit.ly/14UL491 iO9 
Some cool and some scary TV's 

Taco Bell prepares us for synth meat and textured veg protein 
http://bit.ly/14ULk84 iO9 

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