Tuesday, 11 February 2014

February 11th 2014 Stuff that caught My eye

Looking in to Sync.Com It's like Dropbox, but encrypted, Canadian, and zero-knowledge. http://bit.ly/1kVGwto Sync.Com
Looks interesting, seems to be very simple to set up. 

Using your own iPhone at work? Watch that it doesn’t get wiped when you leave … http://bit.ly/1joyLdG 9to5 Mac

Not Good At All

New Blog Post: Lists for the Cottage? Do you needed them? You might, I know I do. http://bit.ly/M9ZltJ Terry On Cottage Tech

February 11th 2014 Hollywood star Shirley Temple dies 
http://bbc.in/1dEbL2B BBC 
RIP Shirley, you will be missed 

Breakfast at the Cottage, time for gadgets! 
http://bit.ly/1aK2Od2 Terry On Cottage Tech
Some rambling thoughts on gadgets for making breakfast. And some gift giving advice

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