Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June 12th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Draw a Perfect Circle Without Any Extra Tools  
http://bit.ly/KOkpUe LifeHacker
I love it, simple but it works. Some practice may be needed 

Get a Little Exercise in at Your Desk to Burn Extra Calories and Help Avoid Repetitive Stress Injuries http://bit.ly/L1UkPP LifeHacker
A very good idea

How to Butter Up (Rather than Berate) Customer Service to Get What You Want http://bit.ly/KzN3lx LifeHacker
Very good advice

Store Frozen Soups and Sauces Like File Folders to Save Space in the Freezer http://bit.ly/KzNxIl LifeHacker
More room for Ice Cream

Why Sharing Your Work, Setbacks & Struggles Breaks Creative Blocks 
http://bit.ly/JYNPsD LifeHacker
Great advice, it works most of the time

Over 100 Beautifully Preserved Terracotta Warriors Unearthed in China 
http://bit.ly/LjAXhW LifeHacker 
I hope these will go on exhibit soon. I saw the travelling show in 2012 and it was cool.

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