Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 19 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Never Ask for Your Receipt in the Bag (and Other Ways to Avoid Losing It) 
http://bit.ly/Mo64Mh LifeHacker
Good tips

Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with Ubuntu http://bit.ly/MdFR3C LifeHacker
Humm a new project?

Decline Meetings Whenever Possible to Help Maintain a Work-Life Balance 
http://bit.ly/KiY1MQ LifeHacker
Is this meeting really needed?

Craftsmanship: Doing What You Love and Doing It Right 
http://bit.ly/KRQMx4 LifeHacker
Take pride in what you do

Build Your Own Tripod-Mounted Laptop Stand on the Cheap 
http://bit.ly/MdHM8m LifeHacker
Great for tethered shooting 

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