Tuesday, 10 July 2012

July 10 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Intro to 3D Modeling, Lesson 1: Getting to Know Your Software 
http://bit.ly/MXfIHA LifeHacker

Avoid Autocorrect Mistakes by Typing an Extra Letter on iOS 
http://bit.ly/LcHAqE LifeHacker
Good tip

TopHQBooks Is a Search Engine for Free PDF Ebooks 
http://bit.ly/Mi0ZUM LifeHacker
Worth a try if you like free

Prevent Food and Drinks from Tasting Minty and Weird After You Brush Your Teeth http://bit.ly/PFL4Dv LifeHacker
Will have to try this one

Stay on Schedule with the Whisky Rule 
http://bit.ly/NdEXBR LifeHacker
Very cool rule

Cloned Horses Given the Green Light to Compete at the Olympics 
http://bit.ly/M0101r iO9
Never thought about it, have you?

The unused Mickey Mouses, as drawn by a legendary Disney animator 
http://bit.ly/OV2iLS iO9

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