Wednesday, 18 July 2012

July 18th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Ingredient of the week: apricots
Very yummy looking

Privacy breach may involve 25 Ontario ridings Toronto Sun
Check the list of ridings, to see if you may be effected
"As a precaution, Elections Ontario recommends that Ontarians in the impacted electoral districts monitor and verify their personal transaction statements from governments, financial institutions, businesses and any other institutions to detect any unusual activity," 

the statement said.

How to survive the summer heat wave Globe and Mail
Great Advice, please read it

We must give our kids a fighting chance around water Globe and Mail
If you have children or a pool please read this

Bourbon and barbecue? That’s smokin’ Globe and Mail

Prey’s New Mobile-Friendly Webapp Finds Your Lost or Stolen Laptop, Smartphone LifeHacker
Worth looking at

Is Everything I Do Actually Killing Me? LifeHacker
It does seem that way some days

Make Frozen Meal Packs for Your Slow Cooker for Easy Dinners Any Day of the Week LifeHacker
Very Good Idea durning the heat

Why Habits Aren’t Always Formed in 21 Days LifeHacker
Good To Know

Spend Your First 30 Days at a New Job Learning the Business Instead of Making Changes LifeHacker
Sounds good to me

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