Tuesday, 7 August 2012

August 7 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Decline Calls, Rewind Music, and Perform Other Shortcuts with Your iPhone’s Headset http://bit.ly/Tcijh2 LifeHacker 
Learn something new every day

Brewster Beefs Up Your iPhone Address Book with Search Powers, Social Networks http://bit.ly/OWhCaK LifeHacker
Looks interesting 

Avoid the Trap of “Productivity Porn” 
http://bit.ly/RX5SDr LifeHacker 
You have to work, you can not spend all you time trying to be more productive

Delete Everything and Rewrite Your To-Do List to Make it Doable 
http://bit.ly/RiDcqV LifeHacker
A good idea from time to time

The Complete Guide to Solid-State Drives 
http://bit.ly/MKsOVt LifeHacker
Very Very Good To Know

Lost Photos Scrubs Your Email for Missing Pictures 
http://bit.ly/NgA0cz LifeHacker 
This could be a very useful tool

Calibrate Your Cooking Thermometer for the Most Accurate Readings 
http://bit.ly/NZyWgQ LifeHacker 
Get the best out of your food

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