Tuesday, 7 August 2012

August 7th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this afternoon

This is easily the best lunar photograph of the 1800s  
http://bit.ly/OK8Gmt iO9
Very cool

The abbreviation “OMG” is almost 100 years old 
http://bit.ly/OM7rGq iO9
Wow did not know that 

10 Literary Devices, And Where You Can Find Them in Science Fiction 
http://bit.ly/MLvoun iO9

Have archaeologists discovered lost Egyptian pyramids using Google Earth? 
http://bit.ly/MLwTbL iO9
I hope so, it would be fun to have more 

Vintage Star Trek booze ads will class up your quarters 
http://bit.ly/RynDx5 iO9

What the hell is on this mysterious-looking piece of seaweed? 
bit.ly/MunJVK iO9
Starts off weird and gets scary

Science Proves Luke Skywalker Should Have Died In The Tauntaun’s Belly 
http://bit.ly/Muq3vO iO9
No No No

Remember when Superman smoked a dozen cigars at the same time? 
http://bit.ly/MLzceX iO9
Wow very strange

10 Best Spy-Fi Movies of All Time 
http://bit.ly/QCkjzm iO9
Not sure I agree with all the choices

Witness claims there were actually two UFO crashes at Roswell in 1947 
http://bit.ly/QI3pS8 iO9

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