Saturday, 8 September 2012

August 8th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

This DIY Mini Photo Studio Is Perfect for Amateur and Pro Photographers LifeHacker 
Great Idea 

Order Your Pizza Uncut to Avoid Fallen Toppings LifeHacker 
Great Idea

How to Coil Rope So It Doesn’t Get Tangled LifeHacker 
Great Cottage Tip because there is always rope at the cottage

Reduce Camera Shake with a Bag of Lentils LifeHacker 
A great addition to most photo bags

Create a Landing Area to Consolidate Clutter and Simplify Your Morning Routine LifeHacker 
Makes mornings easier

Farm Fresh Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Storing Fruits and Vegetables LifeHacker 
Very good to know

9 Kits You Should Have in Your Home to Prepare You for Anything LifeHacker 
You should have most of these

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