Thursday, 20 September 2012

September 20 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

How to Kick Your Caffeine Addiction and Actually Enjoy Your Coffee Again LifeHacker 

Evernote’s Skitch Comes to iPhone with Easy Image Annotation, Notes, and Maps LifeHacker 
Good News Love it

Haul Your Luggage Out Weeks Before a Long Trip to Toss in Random Items LifeHacker 
Been doing this for a while now, it helps  

6 Nerdy Parties Throughout History We Would’ve Loved To Attend iO9 
Wonder how many kids effected by the Sesame Street party 

Is the notorious drug Thalidomide making a comeback? iO9 
Let's be careful with this 

The New Science of Drug Testing: The Sewers Never Lie iO9 
Great Idea 

This insane footage of a volcano is like staring into the jaws of Hell iO9 

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