Monday, 24 December 2012

December 24th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Organize Kids Coloring Supplies in a Dish Rack  LifeHacker 
Great Idea 

Image Dictionary Adds a Wikipedia Image Search to Chrome Menus LifeHacker 
For my Chrome using friends 

Ignite an Egg Carton with Charcoal Inside for an Easy Start LifeHacker 
Do Not Use polystyrene egg cartons 

Microwave Popcorn in a Bowl and Plate to Reduce Unpopped Kernels LIfeHacker 

Hang Your Shower Curtain’s Bottom Corner to Improve Drainage and Avoid Mold Growth LifeHacker 
IF you have a mold issue 

The Scientific Formula for Perfect Eggnog Gizmodo
mmmmm Eggnog 

Christmas Cookies Are the Best Use of 3D Printing Yet Gizmodo 
Where do I send my money for this? 

Gizmodo The 13 Most Amazing Science Stories of 2012  Gizmodo 

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