Sunday, 2 December 2012

December 2nd 2012 Sutff that caught My eye this morning

Pin Steam Adds Games to Your Windows 8 Start Screen LifeHacker 
For My gamer friends 

DIY Candy Cane Syrup Is Wonderful in Hot Chocolate or Ice Cream LifeHacker 
Sounds Yummy for a cold day 

Clean Oil Splatters Using an Oiled Paper Towel LifeHacker 
Will have to give this a try 

Make Lots of Compost for Free Using Guerilla Compost Tactics LifeHacker 
For my gardening friends 

Frozen Ginger Keeps Longer and is Easier to Peel and/or Grate LifeHacker 
yummm ginger....

Top 10 Kitchen Annoyances, Solved By Genius LifeHacker 
Going to have to remember the fruit fly trick for the cottage 

Store Furniture Using Skills from Tetris LifeHacker 
So your Tetris time does have a use...

This periodic table shows each element’s relative abundance on Earth iO9 
Very Very Cool. This should be given to all science students. 

In the 1920s, businesses tricked shoppers by putting fake television sets in their windows iO9
Fake advertising on fake TV.... nothing new in the advertising game

Judge overturns shark fin ban in Toronto LifeHacker 
I hope who ever had the authority get a province wide ban going 

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