Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April 23rd 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

The Science Behind Why We Procrastinate 
http://bit.ly/14Lyont LifeHacker 
Good to know 

Walk Me Up Alarm Clock Forces You Out of Bed 
http://bit.ly/ZkSnWI LifeHacker 
For my android friends 

How Can I Survive a Job that Makes Me Use Outdated Technology? 
http://bit.ly/13TBQvv LifeHacker 
Getting stuck with outdated stuff is a pain 

TSA Delays Its New Knives-on-Planes Policy 
http://bit.ly/ZkTRQJ Gizmodo 
For my flying friends 

How Much Food Can You Buy for 5 Bucks Around the World? 
http://bit.ly/15Dw1CK Gizmodo 
Hummm, not taking quality in to account with this.

This Ultraviolet Lamp Keeps Your Dishwasher Clean No Matter How Dirty the Dishes http://bit.ly/15DLnXC Gizmodo 
Just remember to remove it before start up the dishwasher 

This Magnificently Detailed Lego Oil Rig Will Be Spitting Brick Gold in No Time http://bit.ly/13rTVgb Gizmodo 

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