Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April 2nd 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Ask an Expert: All About the Job Search Process 
http://bit.ly/10kXKmB LifeHacker 
Some good tips in the comments 

Include a List of Needs On Self-Reviews to Make Your Career Goals Known to Your Boss http://bit.ly/YYnbI0 LifeHacker 

The io9 Calendar: Your Ultimate Guide to Everything Science Fiction and Fantasy in April! http://bit.ly/YsCEn4 iO9 
Lot's of good stuff this month 

The 20 Most Epic Beards and Mustaches in the Multiverse 
http://bit.ly/17axRdg iO9 
Nice List 

Meet Annikin Starkiller and his lazer sword in the comic adaptation of George Lucas' insane first draft of Star Wars 
http://bit.ly/YYol6k iO9 
This could be very cool 

14 Ridiculously Retro Novelty Phones 
http://bit.ly/13NLH6o Gizmodo 
I want the Garfield phone 

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