Friday, 23 December 2011

December 23 2011 Morning Stuff

Christmas countdown: 2 days left Toronto Sun
Almost at Christmas

Sexy presents for your sweetheart Toronto Sun

Christmas at the zoo Toronto Sun

Student's choice: bowling or 'boobies' LifeHacker
Doing a good thing gets a Student in trouble

Most Popular Explainers of 2011 LifeHacker
Some great information here

Use Your Snooze Alarm to Stay On Task in the Morning LifeHacker
For those who have trouble getting going

Ditch GoDaddy’s SOPA-Loving Butt and Get a Better Web Host at a Discount LifeHacker
Did not like them before but this just adds to the reasons to not use them

10 Particle Detectors That Let Us See the Fabric of the Universe IO9

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