Tuesday, 27 December 2011

December 27 2011 Evening Stuff

See How Many People Replied to Your Emails This Year 
http://lifehac.kr/uk68tX LifeHacker
If you want to know

How to Turn Your Unwanted Gifts into Cash (or Something Better) 
http://lifehac.kr/uaMtuZ LifeHacker

Trade Stuff You Don’t Want for Things You Do at Swap.com 
http://lifehac.kr/rFNl5J LifeHacker

Make Small Changes Now to Boost the Chances of Success with Your New Year’s Resolutions 
http://lifehac.kr/ugUQYx LifeHacker

Wrap Christmas Lights Around a Coffee Can to Keep Them Organized and Untangled for Next Year http://lifehac.kr/vpQDVJ LifeHacker

When Sailors Used Gunpowder to Measure the Strength of Alcohol 
http://on.io9.com/un7alm IO9

Revolutionary laser technologies that could become tractor beams 
http://on.io9.com/tpZMxo IO9 

Ten plotlines you’ll find in science fiction – over and over again 
http://on.io9.com/rDYK0l IO9

How Can I Touch Up My Photos Without Making Them Look Photoshopped? 
http://lifehac.kr/uTwmve LifeHacker

GSM phones vulnerable to scams: Expert 
http://bit.ly/v9XhT6 Toronto Sun
If true very scary

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