Thursday, 12 April 2012

April 12 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Safe Shepherd Scrubs Your Personal Information from Creepy People Search Engines and Directories LifeHacker
It might be worth it if you are worried

Keep Your Plants Warm Over a Chilly Night with a Bucket of Water LifeHacker
Good idea, that might let you get and early start

Break Through These Myths and Start Saving for Retirement Today LifeHacker
Hope these help you

Freeze Sauces in Ice Cube Trays for Perfectly Preserved Single Servings  LifeHacker
Great Idea

Your iPad: The Creative Tool You Never Knew You Needed LifeHacker
Had not though of some of these

Use This Body Language Cheat Sheet to Decode Common Non-Verbal Cues LifeHacker

Five Useful Upgrades for Your Computer’s Unused Bays (and a Few Ridiculous Ones) LifeHacker
Very Cool

The world’s most isolated cave is home to 4 million year old "superbugs" iO9
Kind of scary when you think about it

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