Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April 24 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Brain freeze explained: Why ice cream causes headaches 
http://bit.ly/IbBWUb Globe and Mail
And now we know

iConvert Instantly Converts Audio and Video for Your iOS Device, Is So Easy a Caveman Could Use It 
http://lifehac.kr/J6B5i4 LifeHacker

Make Your Mac’s Dashboard Actually Useful 
http://lifehac.kr/IdEjkT LifeHacker
Some good tips and ideas

Build Your Own Rolling Camera Bag and Keep Your Photo Gear Safe On the Cheap http://lifehac.kr/IldVrN LifeHacker
A project for my photo friends 

Fruux Synchronizes Your Contacts, Calendars, and To-Dos Across Systems, OSes, and Devices for Free 
http://lifehac.kr/I2kyME LifeHacker
Could be useful 

The Physics that Explain Why You Should Wear Black This Summer 
http://on.io9.com/JCKdis iO9
Going to have to experiment this summer

33 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies that Could Rock Your Summer http://on.io9.com/INPXnC iO9
Some of these look good

10 Things We’ve Learned About the Earth Since Last Earth Day 
http://on.io9.com/IlnbfG iO9

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