Wednesday, 25 April 2012

April 25 2012 Stuff that caught My this evening

Clean Out Your Facebook App Permissions as Part of Your Spring Cleaning Regimen LifeHacker
A very good idea

Upgrade from 7GB to 25GB of Free Microsoft SkyDrive Storage While You Can LifeHacker
Get it if you can

Virtual Lighting Studio Will Teach You to Light a Photo or Video Set Through Experimentation LifeHacker

Microsoft Security Essentials Updates with Better Performance, Virus Detection, and Interface Changes LifeHacker
Update it now, this is a good thing

Show Off the Left Side of Your Face for Better, More Emotive Pictures LifeHacker
Worth trying 

100 Albums Every Science Fiction and Fantasy Fan Should Listen To: 71-100 iO9
This is going to cost me $ on the iTunes Store

The first 4,000,000 digits of Pi, visualized in a single image iO9
WOW would be a great poster

Racy magazines face subsidy firestorm Toronto Sun
Your thoughts ?

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