Monday, 22 October 2012

October 22nd 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Relieve Minor Burns with a Potato LifeHacker 
I do not think I have ever heard of this... 

How Being Unreachable Makes Me More Productive LifeHacker 
Very good advice for many situations 

Why You Believe Most Everything You Read or Watch on TV LifeHacker 
Oh My not good at all. Need to think more now...

What Exactly Is Freedom of Speech and How Does It Apply to the Internet? LifeHacker 
A good informative read. 

SafeGmail Is a Simple Way to Encrypt Messages in Gmail LifeHacker 
For my Chrome using friends 

Use the Least Amount of Technology Needed to Get Things Done Quickly LifeHacker 
Very True 

How to Reduce Your Energy Bill with No Cost or Sacrifice LifeHacker 
Great tips and tricks 

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