Tuesday, 2 October 2012

October 2nd 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

How to Stand Out in an Interview 
http://bit.ly/PJQMBE LifeHacker
For my friends looking for work, hope this helps 

Don’t Want Your Phone Stolen? Stop Using It to Check the Time 
http://bit.ly/Pqylk4 LifeHacker 
Very Good Advice, play it safe 

Ask an Expert: All About Sleep 
http://bit.ly/QUlrMt LifeHacker 
Hope this helps my friends with sleep issues. I may try some of the ideas myself 

How Can I Help A Friend Who’s Spreading Malware? 
http://bit.ly/QUlLL8 LifeHacker 
Some good advice 

DataWiz Is a Complete Data Usage Tracking Tool for iPhone 
http://bit.ly/PJTzea LifeHacker 
You should be tracking your mobile data usage 

Fix a Loose Micro-USB Port with a Sharpened Toothpick 
http://bit.ly/SvQNMD LifeHacker 
This may help your problem 

Goodbrews Keeps Track of The Beer You Like, Suggests Brews You’d Love 
http://bit.ly/P7TWTO LifeHacker 
I think I will give it a try 

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