Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October 23rd 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

The Wirecutter’s Bag Database Helps You Find the Perfect Go Bag for All Your Gadgets http://bit.ly/Tva9nt LifeHacker 
This could be very useful for finding your next bag 

MoviePass Lets You See Unlimited Movies in the Theater for One Monthly Fee 
http://bit.ly/WFCND5 LifeHacker 
For my movie buff friends 

Try This “Recipe” to Increase Productivity Over the Next Week 
http://bit.ly/RZAsQK LifeHacker 
Hummm who wants to try this? 

Sworkit Adds Daily Totals, Calories Burned, and Gets a Brand New Design 
http://bit.ly/Sfmc5H LifeHacker 
For my exercise friends 

How to be Sociable When You Don’t Feel Like It 
http://bit.ly/QDfF3i LifeHacker 
This may help you 

Sleeping On Difficult Problems Actually Helps Solve Them 
http://bit.ly/PnqPMJ LifeHacker 
This does help a lot 

Feast your eyes on this enormous ferry that carries 1500 passengers with zero emissions http://bit.ly/T89kL2 iO9

Remember the fireball that exploded over California last week? A chunk of it hit a house. http://bit.ly/TDHHKl iO9 
Oh My 

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