Friday, 15 February 2013

February 15th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Why You Should Embrace Work-Life Imbalance LifeHacker
Not sure I come close to agreeing with this. There is a difference between working hard during your normal working hours and working long hours so it looks like you are working hard. 

How We Work: Melanie Pinola’s Favorite Gear and Productivity Tricks LifeHacker 
Some good ideas 

How Can I Stay Safe While Traveling Alone? LifeHacker 
For my traveling friends 

iOS 6 Bug Lets Anyone Unlock Your Phone Without a Passcode LifeHacker 
Not good, but then again hanging on to your phone prevents this 

Why You Should Never Have More Than Nine Browser Tabs Open LifeHacker 
I go with 10 tabs

Meteorite Explodes Over Russia, Hundreds Injured iO9

The Worst Lies That Mainstream Nutrition Has Told You iO9 
Hummm I have read some of these before 

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