Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February 28th 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

The Impossible Cookbook: How to Cook for the World’s Most Difficult Dietary Restrictions http://bit.ly/XyRxTL LifeHacker 
Look's interesting 

The Science Behind Coffee and Why it’s Actually Good for Your Health 
http://bit.ly/XD1j45 LifeHacker 
Good News! 

Multi-Boot a Raspberry Pi with Berryboot 
http://bit.ly/13jYqw5 LifeHacker 

Decide If It’s Time for a Raise with This Chart 
http://bit.ly/Yyx2qo LifeHacker 
It's always time for a raise..

The ioSafe N2 Is a Near Disaster-Proof NAS that’s Packed with Features 
http://bit.ly/ZFTscb LifeHacker 
Very Cool, Want One 

Scientists discover that eating Mediterranean food can prevent heart disease 
http://bit.ly/XyT8sW iO9 
Great News 

The Most Futuristic Electrified Devices of the 1920s and 30s 
http://bit.ly/XWVQXT iO9 
Wow so cool and weird stuff 

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