Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February 19 2013 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

How to Stay Productive When You’re on the Road 
http://bit.ly/UC8X22 LifeHacker 
For my travelling friends 

Don’t Follow Your Instincts When Replying to Freelance Customer Questions 
http://bit.ly/W13q6C LifeHacker 
Your thoughts on this?

Pick the Best Batteries for a DIY Project with Adafruit’s Battery Guide 
http://bit.ly/Y1kdom LifeHacker 
This could be very helpful 

Nine Practices to Help You Say No Without Feeling Like a Jerk 
http://bit.ly/12Gox0j LifeHacker 
Some good ideas 

Why Structured Procrastination Makes Your Dreaded Tasks Easier to Get Done 
http://bit.ly/VDLiA2 LifeHacker 
Procrastination can help some times  

Pair Any Dish to a Perfect Wine with This Handy Chart 
http://bit.ly/YDiiDk LifeHacker 
This may be helpful for those new to wine 

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