Sunday, 11 November 2012

November 11th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this afternoon

Power a Laptop with AA Batteries LifeHacker 
Interesting idea, if you have a lot of spare batteries  

Use 2-Liter Soda Bottles Instead of Sandbags for Winter Driving LifeHacker 
A great idea if you do not need a lot of weight 

DIY Multiple Roll Tape Dispenser LifeHacker 
A great idea for your shop 

DIY Peanut Butter is Healthier and Tastes Better Than the Stuff You’re Buying Now LifeHacker 

Build a Pet Waste Composter Using a Garbage Can LifeHacker 
For my dog owning friends 

Repurpose a Hanging Wardrobe Into a Spray Painting Tent LifeHacker 
Great Idea, would keep the mess down 

Top 10 DIY Repairs and Upgrades to Make Your Smartphone Last Forever LifeHacker 
Fix your own phone 

Winterize Your Home and Yourself This Weekend LifeHacker 
Some home projects 

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