Tuesday, 6 November 2012

November 6th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Print Out This OS X Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheets for Your Less Tech-Savvy Friends and Family http://bit.ly/RCJjax LifeHacker 
For my Mac using friends

Avoid PayPal’s High International Currency Exchange Rates by Making One Little Adjustment During Checkout 
http://bit.ly/VQ0vb9 LifeHacker 
If you use PayPal, this may save you some money

How to Take Constructive Criticism Like a Champ 
http://bit.ly/PA3M00 LifeHacker 
Good To Know 

Instagram Finally Launches Web Profiles So You Can Browse People’s Photos 
http://bit.ly/RCK7w5 LifeHacker 
For my Instagram friends 

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule After Daylight Saving Time by Going to Bed a Little Earlier http://bit.ly/UfxfPk LifeHacker

How to Create a Modular “Go Bag” System That Fits Every Need 
http://bit.ly/Qk3jQM LifeHacker 
Some Good Ideas/Tips

How to Meet Anyone From Steve Wozniak to the President 
http://bit.ly/YB0pbi LifeHacker 
Hope this helps you meet someone 

Be Succinct and Courteous to Make Sure Your Customer Complaint Is Taken Seriously http://bit.ly/STJQn2 LifeHacker 
It helps a lot trust me

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