Tuesday, 13 November 2012

November 13th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

From Saucy Pics to Passwords: How to Share Sensitive Information Over the Internet http://bit.ly/SiKj0l LifeHacker 
Good To Know 

Why You Should Buy Store-Branded Gift Cards Over Other Types 
http://bit.ly/XASM5N LifeHacker 
Gift Giving Time is coming up 

Stick to Your Nutrition Goals by Preparing for Holiday Eating in Advance 
http://bit.ly/RULeWv LfeHacker 
So larger pants are not a plan, darn

Pay Down Debt Easily by Creating Multiple Savings Accounts 
http://bit.ly/SJiEXb LifeHacker 
Hummm, have to think about this. What about account fees?

What Desktop Apps and Web Services Do You Want for the Holidays? 
http://bit.ly/W54yjH LifeHacker 
Some great ideas in the comments 

How Can I Turn My Mess of Ideas Into Something Organized and Useful? 
http://bit.ly/T1mb6P LifeHacker 
This may help some of you 

Ask for a Performance Review within Six Months of Taking a New Job to Boost Your Salary http://bit.ly/QDy7Mv LifeHacker 
Worth thinking about 

How to Stop Spies from Digging Up Your Personal Information 
http://bit.ly/UA5pNU LifeHacker 
Keep your info safe 

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