Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November 20th 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this evening

Use a Unique, Secure Email Address Solely for Password Recovery
bit.ly/S9aZEg LifeHacker
Great Idea for the accounts that let you do it

The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine Digitizes and Automatically Tags Your Handwritten Notes 

http://bit.ly/TWHjZv LifeHacker 

Pixelmator Image Editor On Sale for 50% Off 

http://bit.ly/Qtgpf0 LifeHacker 
Great Deal 

How Can I Close Accounts for Old Services I Don’t Use Anymore? 

http://bit.ly/S9ca6y LifeHacker 
Good Idea 

Give the Perfect Weekend Project with These Gifts for the DIYer 

http://bit.ly/T2kv9u LifeHacker 
Want a lot of the items here 

Give The Stuff We Like the Most 

http://bit.ly/UHaJcv LifeHacker 
Some cool stuff 

Make Sure You Have Flood Insurance for Your Basement or Storm-Prone Apartment http://bit.ly/TeuWKF LifeHacker 

Very Good Idea 

Why I Decided to Spend More Time Working From Home 

http://bit.ly/Y0J3Gc LifeHacker 
Some good ideas and reasons 

The MacLegion Holiday Bundle Offers Fantastical, CopyPaste Pro, TechTool Pro and More for $49.99 

http://bit.ly/UU4Lek LifeHacker 
Great offer 

Gift Ideas for the 8 Major Species Of Science Fiction Fan 

http://bit.ly/UU5igp iO9 
Oh Ya,,,, 

Combat Kitchenware: Frying Pans With Weapon Handles 
http://bit.ly/TeTTEV Geekologie
Too Cool 

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