Friday, 9 March 2012

March 9 2012 Evening Stuff

Where to Stash Your Emergency Fund for The Best Rates and Security LifeHacker
So under my mattress is not a good option then?

The One-Page Career "Cheat Sheet" Helps You Figure Out If This Is Really The Right Job For You LifeHacker
Looks like a worthwhile exercise 

How to Turn a Lottery Ticket into a Good Bet LifeHacker

New report reveals how corporations undermine science with fake bloggers and bribes IO9
Disturbing if true

10 Weapons That Animals Use IO9
Oh My, run for the hills

Apple’s new patent for ‘iWallet’ is actually much more Globe and Mail

Biggest rip-offs and other things you may have missed this week Globe and Mail

When Should I Not Use WD-40? LifeHacker
Good To Know but not a complete list

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