Sunday, 11 March 2012

March 11 2012 Evening Stuff

Pour Guinness Cans Perfectly LifeHacker
This just looks/sounds wrong to me. It goes against every thing I know about Guinness 

Modify an Ikea Lack Table into a Dog Dining Table LifeHacker
For my friends with large dogs

Save Money in the Meat Department with Chuck Eye Steaks LifeHacker
Yumm Yumm Steak

Drying: the ancient art of boosting a wine’s flavour Globe and Mail 
Will keep an eye out for these wines 

A Three-Foot Model Of Tim Burton’s Batmobile Is a Great Way To Blow $630 Gizmodo
New iPad or this... I am thinking...

Painting With Gunpowder Looks Way More Fun Than Using a Brush Gizmodo

TARDIS Mini building set by Character Building ThinkGeek

Fork and knife and bottle opener ThinkGeek
For the upscale Hobo. And Yes I Want

Construction. Destruction. I'm the guy with the hammer ThinkGeek
Why is the song If I Had A Hammer running through my mind?

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