Wednesday, 14 March 2012

March 14 2012 Evening Stuff

Online house listings expose sellers to assault, break-ins, TREB says Globe and Mail 
Sad thing is they both have a point

AT&T can’t make ‘unlimited data’ throttling scandal disappear Globe and Mail
A course in english may help them

Narrow the Gapp: Code as Activism SmarterWare
Project displays the pay gap between men and women over 100 occupations in the USA. Read Gina's article 

Get 11 Mac Apps, Including VMware Fusion, for $50 or 90% Off LifeHacker
Very Nice Bundle

Freeze Lemon and Lime Slices for Refreshing, Chilled Drinks LifeHacker
Great Idea, simple but great

Use a Cupcake Liner to Catch Popsicle Drips and Keep Your Hands Clean LifeHacker
Love It, going to have to remember this one

The Many Ways Science Has (Wrongly) Assessed Your Personality IO9
Wow so may ways to get it wrong

10 Worst Science Fiction Movie Remakes of All Time IO9
Good List

Great Lakes show massive ice loss, study says CBC
Not a good thing

Huntingdon has plan to outsmart Quebec's language law Montreal Gazette

Huntingdon’s new newspaper will allow the town council to provide bilingual written information to residents – and prevail over the zealots

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