Thursday, 8 March 2012

March 8 2012 Morning Stuff

Solar storms mean turbulent ‘space weather’ over Canada Globe and Mail 

CRTC cracks down on VoIP service providers Globe and Mail
 911 is important

These three cocktails are springtime in a glass Globe and Mail 
Time to try some new drinks

I can’t sleep - should I get up or stay in bed? Globe and Mail
Going to have to try some of these 

Make More Time by Scheduling Your Media LifeHacker
I plan what I want to watch and find I spend less time with TV

Apple Raises iOS’ Over-the-Air App Download Limit from 20 to 50 Megabytes LifeHacker
Good News

Separate Bananas to Slow Down Their Ripening LifeHacker
Huum worth a try with the next bunch I buy

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