Friday, 30 March 2012

March 30 2012 Stuff that caught My eye this morning

Penny to die, but GST, HST to still be calculated to cent Globe and Mail
I will miss the Penny, My mum's, mum use to save her penny's for the grand kid's and when we got together we would roll them and split them between the 5 of us.

Infographic: Your 2012 federal budget explained Globe and Mail

Go the F**k Home LifeHacker 
Blunt but a good idea, you should have a life out side of work

Put a Magnet On Your Bottle Opener to Avoid Wayward Bottle Caps LifeHacker
If flying beer caps are a problem for you try it

Kill Your Email Addiction; Put Your Inbox in the Upstairs Bathroom LifeHacker
Depends on your job but it may work for you

6 questions to ask a job interviewer CNN Money
Hope this helps my friends looking for work 

Manage Limited Desk Space with Interchangeable Work Areas LifeHacker

October 8, 1871: The Night America Burned iO9
Wow did not know about all those fires

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