Monday, 26 March 2012

March 26 2012 Evening Stuff That Caught My Eye

Hone Your Organization Skills by Helping Others with Their Messes LifeHacker
You can hone your skills at my place

Study Before Bed for Significantly Better Retention LifeHacker
Hope this helps my friends who are at school

Here’s How Getting Things Done Creator David Allen Organizes His Workspace LifeHacker

Quickly Cut a Bell Pepper by Skipping the Seeding LifeHacker
Depends on what you are making, but sometimes I want the seeds

10 Bad Cooking Habits You Should Break Huffington Post
How many of these do you have?

Create a Splurge Budget to Avoid Overspending on Impulse Buys LifeHacker
Going to give it a try

Ontario top court legalizes brothels, soliciting stays illegal Toronto Sun 

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