Sunday, 15 January 2012

January 15 2012 Day Stuff

Murdoch Slams Obama For "Supporting Online Piracy"—Calls Google "Piracy Leader" Gizmodo
If Murdoch is for something, what he is for may well be a very bad/evil thing. If he is against something, what he is against may well very good thing.

Quirky’s Invisible Drawer Locks Only Open With a Magnetic Key Gizmodo
Not a new idea but still cool

Kick This Giant Green Mushroom to Charge Your Stuff Gizmodo
Way cool idea, put me down for a few...

12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work with Them Freelance Switch
It is a good list

Rolling Ice Ball Makes Your Whiskey Slightly More Flavorful Gizmodod 
Cool Idea, but I love  idea of Rounds Whiskey Stones more

A Hidden Pool Table for the Modern Bachelor Gizmodo
Cool but a little pricy and modern for my taste

Remove Seeds From a Vanilla Bean by Soaking in Rum LifeHacker
And you get a hint of Vanilla in you rum 

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