Sunday, 8 January 2012

January 8 2012 Day Stuff

Amazing Timelapse of 30-Story Building Constructed In Only 360 Hours Gizmodo 
How long will it last?

Survival Gear for Battling 100,000 Nerds in a Desert Gizmodo

Victorinox’s 1TB Flash Drive Makes It Easy To Lose a Thousand Gigabytes Gismodo 

SolarKindle Cover Frees Your eReader From Charging Cables For Three Months Gizmodo

Fast Food – Ads vs. Reality Alphalia
Thanks to Jeff Jarvis and Brett Lider on G+ Who is surprised?

One tequila, two tequila . . .
A cocktail makeover for Mexico's No. 1 spirit Montreal Gazette
Three tequila, Floor ....

Israeli credit cards hit by cyber attack‎ 
Country vows to hit back after hacking incident Toronto Sun
Not good

Pack Shoes in Hotel Shower Caps to Keep Your Luggage Contents Clean LifeHacker 

Bungee jumper's cord snaps 
Australian woman survives 111 metre fall into river Toronto Sun

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