Thursday, 5 January 2012

January 5 2012 Morning Stuff

How to buy bolder and better cheese  Globe and Mail
Yum Yum cheese

Will log homes be felled by modern building codes? Globe and Mail
Not sure where I fall on this. The energy input on the log home is much lower, but you may use more energy heating/cooling. However when you go to tear it down it is much greener in that it have less synthetic material in it

12 ways to save with tech in 2012 for small business Globe and Mail
some good tips

Sortable Recommends the Best Electronics for You Based on the Specs You Want LifeHacker

Cook Your Vegetables Right After Buying Them to Make Them Last Longer LifeHacker
Humm kind of turns vegetable handling upside down 

Nexus Image Is a Fast, Free Image Viewer for Windows LifeHacker

How the American Museum of Natural History will train the next generation of science teachers IO9
Hope this helps...  

10 weird times Marvel and DC unofficially crossed over IO9

Today's free download is the app Miss Spider's Tea Party Montreal Gazette
iTunes Canada

Higher prices may curb drinking: Study Toronto Sun

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