Sunday, 22 January 2012

January 22 2012 Day Stuff

Audiobook Cutter Pares Down Lengthy Audio Files Into Customized Segments LifeHacker
For windows users

Hey Disney, this is the steampunk princess movie we want! IO9

What happens if I put rocket fuel in my gas tank? IO9
Not what you think 

The most interesting mathematical mistake in the solar system IO9
Interesting story

10 Comic Book Characters Who Become Completely Different if You Change One Letter IO9

The first artificial sweetener poisoned lots of Romans IO9

Why Cyborgs and Mutants are More Likely to Kill Us than Robots IO9 
Not a happy future

Five Best Online Meeting Services LifeHacker
Which do you use? 

Star Trek’s USS Reliant in 10,000+ LEGO bricks (Ceti eels not included) IO9
Great Work 

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