Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January 25 2012 Evening Stuff

Ode to a wee dram of Scotch Globe and Mail
Nice list of some things to buy and try

Strip club sells cologne to cover indiscretions Toronto Sun
How stupid do they think their wife's are?

Scottish dinner delights - with not a haggis in sight Globe and Mail
Darn no haggis.... oh well

What Subjects Should You Avoid During a Job Interview? LifeHacker

How to Build a (Nearly) Hack-Proof Password System with LastPass and a Thumb Drive LifeHacker

How to Look Your Best In Photos LifeHacker
Hope this helps 

Weird and Wonderful Movies That You’ll Never Get to See IO9
Some very weird stuff 

Watch 48 years of Doctor Who adventures in less than 10 minutes IO9
WOW! WOW! #drwho

10 Most Undignified Deaths in Science Fiction and Fantasy IO9
I had Kirk dying from a Space STD

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