Sunday, 29 January 2012

January 29 2012 Morning Stuff

Long-running subway car takes final journey Toronto Star
They were ugly and hot but comfy in the winter. I will miss them

So what does a food inspector do, anyway? Toronto Star
Good to know and glad it happens

Solargraph tracks the sun’s six-month path across the sky IO9
Very Cool Photo 

Bacteria colors your poop to diagnose what ails you IO9
EWWWW but cool idea

Take a look at some gorgeous snowflakes, and find out the reason they’re six-sided IO9
Snowflakes Awesome, Snow not so much

The Mega-Databases that Track Your Life IO9
Thinking 1984 Big Brother

Why are women more likely to use public transportation than men? IO9
Never thought about it that way...

You’re Probably Not Going To Sleep Through a Megaphone Alarm Clock Gizmodo
For those who have problems getting up

The Supreme Court Pulled a Miracle for Your Privacy Gizmodo 

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